Sixers are .500

Start the party (not really), the Sixers are a .500 team. 

Full story at Philly Sports Daily.

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6 Responses

  1. Here’s my vote for Doug Collins to win Coach of the Year. For the Sixers to be where they are right now after their disastrous 3-13 start with pretty much the same players who had every right to mutiny under Eddie Jordan last season is nothing short of amazing.

  2. Doug Collins for coach of the year hands down!! And for the guy that writes all these articles for crossing broad, quit being such a sixers hater. The NBA is going through problems right now where players are only wanting to play for already proven teams. For everything that Collison and the rest of the organization has to over come since 2006 and still be able to put a competitive team on the floor everynight is like the PhillyFlash said, nothing short of amazing. Besides, there are very few cities that have good teams in all of the four major sports. Right now is an exciting time to be a Philadelphia sports fan and with the sixers beating some of the NBA’s best and doing it with style the excitment is becoming overwhelming. We are the luckiest Philadelphia fans ever, so quit your bitching and enjoy the ride. Lets go Sixers!! Run With Us!!!

  3. I respect what the Sixers have done this season. It’s not many teams in any sport you can clearly SEE getting better as the season has progressed.

  4. It feels like the ’07 Phillies all over again. Obviously the Sixers will never be as good as the Phillies are now, but it’s still exciting to see a young team grow.I just wish we had the balls to trade Iggy before the deadline.

  5. They stink. First round sweep, no chance of ever winning the Championship until they manage to trade for a few Superstars. Sad, because I WANT to like them, but I’m not that easily fooled.

  6. Seriously….this kyle dude writing this lame blog is quite the sixer hater. Just another pathetic negadelphian that the “actual” true Philly sports fan cant fkn stand. heres an idea Kyle…if u call yourself a fan maybe start rooting for the home team…while they might not be contending for championships quite yet, they are still one of the hottest teams in the league right now and u cant deny their marked improvement over last year or even earlier in the season. Its somethin to be proud of…

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