Sixers Murder the Hawks

Ok, ready? The Sixers are, um, good. They beat the Hawks (who were 17-8 at home) by 34 last night. 34.

They are 24-27 and in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, having won seven out of their last nine games, including wins against Atlanta and New York, two teams ahead of them in the standings. Phew.

We're not going to stop there, though. Doug Collins has done a fantastic job of molding (ah, clichè!) the young squad (ahh again) into a contender team that might not finish in the seventh or eighth spot and be forced to play the Heat or the Celtics in the playoffs. 

Playoffs? Playoffs?! Yes, playoffs.

Philly Sports Daily has the full story. Highlights after the jump, including Andre Iguodala bricking a dunk because he showboated.

But wait, there's more! You can get first level tickets to see the Sixers for like $25 at Crossing Broad Tickets. I'm going to profit off this shit.

I blacked out, what just happened?


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  1. I gotta say, they are playing some spirited ball. Looking good and getting the W’s! Very impressive!

  2. the most impressive part of this team is that they have no all stars in a star driven league..also, they started 3-13 which really speaks to how great of a job Collins is doing

  3. Here we go! This faggot has been shit talking this team for so long, now they’re winning and the dick riding will begin.
    This site is a joke

  4. Not bad, not bad at all. I must say I have been impressed with what I’ve seen of the Sixers lately as they’re finally playing like a real NBA squad, and last night’s demolition of Atlanta was a real team effort all around. While it’s still too early to talk playoffs, it’s certainly good to see that the Sixers appear to have turned a corner and a potentially bright future could well be in reach. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. Imagine where they’d be without the 3-13 start…
    And for the douche commenting a couple lines earlier, if the site is such a joke why do you take time out of ur pitiful life to come on here n comment with something lame…smh

  6. I had a solid 15 minute conversation with a friend of mine about the Sixers on Saturday. 15 minutes!

  7. this team isnt bad or even mediocre. im willing to say they are good. they arent in the same league as the top 4 seeds, but they are maybe a couple years away from contending with them. also id prefer if you say the sixers beat the hawks by roy halladay (34) yesterday

  8. I’ve been shit talking the Sixers for years. I will shit talk them like I do any Philly team that DOESN’T perform.
    Get off his nuts children.

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