So Much for the Four Aces Not Appearing in Photos as the Four Aces

Phillies_four_AcesThis should sufficiently piss of New Yorkers

When NY Times Magazine says you're the Four Aces, damnit, you're the Four Aces.

Here's a pic courtesy of Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence (@RyanLawrence21), which shows Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels on the mound together posing for a New York Times Magazine photo. No Joe Blanton anywhere in sight.

That appearing as a group thing didn't last long.

Speaking of the rotation…

The Phillies begin their Spring Training schedule on Thursday against Florida State, but for realsies on Saturday against the Yankees. Cole Hamels will take the mound that day, and according to Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki, it lays the groundwork for the Phillies regular season rotation.

Via The Zo Zone:

The Phillies posted their pitching schedule for their first four Grapefruit League games, and as it lines up their rotation to open the 2011 season will be in the following order:Roy HalladayCliff LeeRoy OswaltCole Hamels and Joe Blanton


It seems confusing since Hamels is getting the first start, but the order lends itself to what we all anticipated. There is seemingly no doubt now that the team intends to have Oswalt pitch in the three with Hamels in the four-slot. If this works according to plan, Hamels will probably be the greatest fourth pitcher in Major League Baseball history by season's end, if you were unwilling to consider that idea already. 

Zo also includes the entire pitching schedule for the first four games. Fun to note that Ryan Madson, J.C. Romero, and Brad Lidge are all slated to pitch Sunday.

Sucks we have to wait until March 6th to see a whole game on TV (unless of course you have the YES Network, which is televising both Saturday's and Sunday's tilts against the Yankees).

Is it April yet?

Ryan G. contributed to these grammatical stylings, as well.

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20 Responses

  1. Oh, and if MLB@bat 2011 hurries the hells up, I listened to all the grapefruit games live last year. That may be an option…

  2. I’ll have to figure out who’s pitching on the days I go down. That’s unquestionably how the rotation should have been lined up.

  3. If Hamels is as in shape as Rich Dubee says he is, and he preforms in the spring, I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves up in the rotation.

  4. Blanton was there….he was just running to the concession stand to get hot dogs for everybody….2 for Joe, 1 for Cole, 2 more for Joe, 1 for Roy, 2 more for Joe, 1 for the other Roy, 2 more for Joe, and 1 for Cliff.
    Final score: Joe 8, four aces 4.
    See…Blanton will win something this year after all!!!!

  5. looks like hamels will never get his opening day start now. i remember those 2 years they chose myers over him, too damn late now. but im not complaining

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