So, Roy Oswalt Had a Baby During the NLCS

Roy_oswalt_smileThis came out of left field…

Well, not him- his wife. But you get it.

Oswalt pitched in three games in the NLCS. He won Game 2, lost his relief appearance in Game 4, and got a "no decision" in the Phillies' Game 6 loss. For the most part, he rightfully escaped criticism for picthing in Game 4, despite havening warmed up before the game. Somewhere in the middle of all that, his wife had a kid.

[Mandy Housenick of the Allentown Morning Call]

"I didn't tell anybody," the right-hander said. "You have two different lives: Here and home, and I try to keep home, home."


He not only pitched on Sunday, October 17th, but he also scored a memorable run as he ran through Sam Perlozzo's stop sign and slid into home. The next day, he apparently stopped home to see the birth of his third daughter, Aubree, and then continued on to San Francisco for Game 3 on October 19th.

That makes two consecutive years a Phillies Game 2 pitcher had a baby following their outing (Cole Hamels in 09 NLDS).

How the hell does one keep that quiet in the media chaos surrounding the NLCS? Oswalt, up two notches in my book.


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  1. I was in the 100 level giggling right along with him.
    Wow, way to go keeping it quiet, Oswalt! How did he manage that?

  2. Another reason to love Oswalt!! Not only is he a very talented pitcher, but he is intelligent enough to keep quiet on his personal life. Congratulations, Roy!!

  3. As much grief as Cole got for his 2009 playoff outings, I think he — and his wife — deserved some praise, too.
    I remember reading that Heidi insisted that Cole not be told she’d gone into labor until after he was finished pitching.
    That said, playoff babies don’t seem to bring us much luck. So stop having them, Phillies.

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