Spectrum Roof Collapsing

SpectrumSource: Ike Richman

According to Comcast Spectacor PR man Ike Richman, technical problems with the crane delayed the Spectrum demo until tomorrow. The roof, however, is starting to cave in.

This has to be the slowest building demolition of all-time.

Speaking of slow deaths- Peter Forsberg will retire from hockey after a two game comeback with the Avalanche. Thanks for coming out, Pete.


14 Responses

  1. ZOMG! It took them less time to put the thing up than take it down.
    Meanwhile, the crane couldn’t “get the boom up”. Sounds like performance anxiety or something. It must be difficult when there’s a lot of strangers watching.

  2. Two games (against Nashville & Columbus) + zero points + $1M/year salary + visa delays = why bother.

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