And he's a Packers fan. Heh.

Karma is a bitch. After appearing in Visa commercials, which applaud four guys for missing multiple family functions to attend every Super Bowl, Robert Cook, 79, of Brown Deer, Wis., was hospitalized on Thursday and had to send his daughters to Dallas.

From his commcercial:

I'm going to make it to the Super Bowl game, there's no question about that. No matter what.


Guess not, Bob. Get well soon.

The family won't say why he was hospitalized, but only that he is "depressed."

Meanwhile, one of the other Super Bowl lifers, Larry Jacobson, once gave up the chance to adopt a child because of the big game: [Ad Freak]

He had to be present at the birth—which fell on Super Bowl Sunday. He ended up adopting two different girls instead—so he literally has different children because of his obsession.



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