Super Bowl Streak Guy Misses Super Bowl

And he's a Packers fan. Heh.

Karma is a bitch. After appearing in Visa commercials, which applaud four guys for missing multiple family functions to attend every Super Bowl, Robert Cook, 79, of Brown Deer, Wis., was hospitalized on Thursday and had to send his daughters to Dallas.

From his commcercial:

I'm going to make it to the Super Bowl game, there's no question about that. No matter what.


Guess not, Bob. Get well soon.

The family won't say why he was hospitalized, but only that he is "depressed."

Meanwhile, one of the other Super Bowl lifers, Larry Jacobson, once gave up the chance to adopt a child because of the big game: [Ad Freak]

He had to be present at the birth—which fell on Super Bowl Sunday. He ended up adopting two different girls instead—so he literally has different children because of his obsession.



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  1. Rumor has it that he was moving faster through the hospital than the Eagles offense was in Super Bowl XXXIX

  2. Well, a man’s gotta have a hobby. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind doing something like that every year. It’d be kinda cool!

  3. I never got people like this. For the hardcore sports fan, the SB has to be the WORST sporting event to attend live. If your team is in it, then I can see…or if you get some freebies. But it’s a ridiculous amount of money. Everything is overpriced. If you have no rooting interest, not sure why else you would want to be there.

  4. Waaaah! Waaah! Waaah! Stop crying, Brian and Team. The old man got his in the end. Karma is a bitch.

  5. where does karma come in? You people are being dumb. You’re only jealous because you CAN’T afford to splurge like this.
    Judgmental morons.

  6. karma comes in when some old man flaunts his wealth and brags on national television about being at the most expensive sporting event for 45 straight years in hopes to get laid. It was a good run, hadda end sometime.

  7. I hope the children he didn’t adopt ended up being the best human beings alive who wouldn’t ditch historical family and friend moments for a football game.

  8. I hate these commercials.
    “I’ve missed weddings, I’ve missed funerals…..”
    Guess what? I love sports but some things in life are just more important.
    My wedding was during the world series. yeah it sucked to miss a game, but we booked it far in advance. my friends gave me a hard time but they still turned out. bottom line, these guys in the commercials are monumental d-bags who need to find priorities in life.
    he’s depressed about missing the superbowl? how about happy to be alive after having to be hospitalized?

  9. Jeez lad, I still can’t see you with the moral high ground here, since this site seems to be your unhealthy obsession over all else.
    What’s been up your arse lately? Not getting any? For goodness sake’s man, if you’re too cheap for a trick, Rosie Palm and her five sisters are usually available and almost always free of charge (with the exception of the spum tax).
    And be careful with the invoking the karma stuff. If she had my sense of humor at this point she’d make sure you’d never go to any (more) SBs, any (more) World Series, any (more) Stanley’s, etc.

  10. By the way I think you’re right that there’s something wrong with these guys who put the SB over major life events. But it still doesn’t mean that you’re in any position to play the critic–as I’ve said above, given your obsession.

  11. These people make me sick. If the Super Bowl is more important than adopting a child, you need help. Immediately.

  12. How touching…a bunch of rich white guys get to go to the Super Bowl for the past 45 years and one guys misses the last. Excuse me while I don’t shed a tear

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