Phillies_mediaJust a few media folks on hand in Clearwater (David Hale)

With the Phillies' Smug Level already set to "Jimmy Rollins" (cocky confidence, with the ability to back it up- only slightly below "J.C. Romero"), the folks from New York are already displaying their Little Man insecurities.

NY Post writer Kevin Kernan's first stop on his Spring Training tour was Clearwater: (@NYPost_Kernan)

Where's Kernan? In Clearwater where Phillies plan to rule the World; Cliff Lee is kind of with the Yankees.


Uh, we get what you're saying, but no, no he's not.

Brad Lidge wasn't shy about telling everyone that anything short of a World Series championship would be a disappointment. And with that comes the Yankees comparison. [NY Post]

When it was mentioned to Lidge that is the Yankees' thought process every spring, he laughed and said: "Yeah, it's amazing how it's changed a little bit, but I guess we have that same mentality right now. Our brass has given us every opportunity. Now we need to go out there and deliver."

The Phillies took the first small step yesterday with pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training. The place was buzzing because Lee is back in a Philly uniform again. And to think, it was just a few years ago the Mets thought they were the team to beat in the NL East.


They're not, anymore.

The Mets will struggle with the difficult decision of whether or not they should keep Oliver Perez around. Heh- the struggles of the middle class.

Meanwhile, Mets beat writer Steve Popper thought something seemed odd: (@StevePopper)

What's wrong w/ this picture – Ollie in Mets camp while source said Pedro in talks w/ Phillies and Rays to come back.



Wait… what?!

That's highly unlikely. Or is it? Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe says Pedro is eyeing a late 2011 return if he finds "the right fit." Annnnd it wouldn't be baseball season without our official "Phils interested in Pedro rumor."

There's really not a lot to see here. Probably nothing more than an agent spreading seeds around. But if there is… please no. Not needed, not necessary, not that good. Tire is flat, Rube. Kick it and move on.

Speaking of old friends, Jayson Werth is rocking the beard again this year. Nationals beat reporter Adam Kilgore reported this converstation between Werth and new teammate Ian Desmond:

ID: You beard is strong.

JW: Strong to quite strong, actually.

Welcome to spring.

The circus will be going at full tilt at 1:30 today, when the Phillies pitchers will take the stage. We'll have the live stream right here.