Taking Jayson Werth to Task

As I mentioned this morning, from time to time, I will be contributing to CBSPhilly.com. It will give a chance to expand upon some of the stories on this site, plus reach an entirely new audience for CB… because there are no doubt more people out there interested in blurry TV screen grabs, Jeff Carter exploits, and something something Cliff Lee.

Today, I explain my problem with Jayson Werth.

Give it a read. Opine, hate, agree. The choice is yours.

Read it.

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12 Responses

  1. I’m as big a JW fan as anyone so I still adore him. I’m not going to excuse anything he has said. I’ve heard everything you’ve heard and don’t necessarily disagree with the obsessed/jealous label he has received. However, I choose not to use this to hate him. If anything, it just makes me feel horrible for him. When I read his comments, I didn’t hear an ungrateful bastard. I heard a very sad person who clearly hasn’t come to terms yet. He’s struggling to not be upset that he’s in the worst situation imagineable (as far as teams go, not finances) while watching his buddies gear up for a potentially amazing season that could end in another ring. Maybe he’s cocky and/or being a big baby, but I sort of think most people would feel the same way. His problem isn’t so much as how he feels but the fact that he keeps commenting on it. Clearly you can tell he thinks about it way too much, since he always has new insight about the situation whenever asked.
    I don’t know. I love him. I feel like shit for him and maybe I shouldn’t but as much as his comments are a bit irksome, to me it makes sense to feel that way. Just like anyone would “take the money and run”, most people would feel slighted or unwanted and left out in the cold.
    I hope he can move on…but I doubt it.

  2. The way you laid it out in the column, Werth sounds a lot like my whiny ex-girlfriend. All I hear out of both of them is a lot of coulda, shoulda, woulda. He needs to get over himself and just play baseball.

  3. Is Werth really the whiny girlfriend? Seems like the whining is going both ways. As many are asking for Werth to move on I think it’s about time the Phillies writers and fans do the same. He’s gone. We get it.

  4. Joe- Fair point. However, my gig as a blogger is to kind of opine on this stuff because people are interested. Werth should just shut up and play baseball, or at least stop poking his former club. They were nothing but good to him and he owes ALL of his success this way. As a fan, it pisses me off that he can’t seem to grasp that. Plus it’s not like I’m mad that he went there, he was fun to watch and root for and I’d still love to see him as a Phillie, but he needs to be called out on that stuff.

  5. Kyle – he is certainly doing a poor job of handling the whole situation. I’m not going to disagree about that. But hey the guy was an integral part of the team’s success while he was here. For that I respect him a ton. I soured on him some last season when he was playing like his asshole was wound tighter than a drum. But for people to call him an asshole and that they are going to boo him when he returns is just stupid. If anyone should be called an asshole and be showered with boos it’s the Nats front office. They are the fools that gave him the hideous contract.
    Now it’s time to move on to the 2011 Phillies team which will feature the stylings of Pete Orr and Wilson Valdez at 2nd.

  6. “As painful as it is to admit, Amaro was right.”
    Nah, he wasn’t. Trading Cliff Lee for that package was a mistake, and you can’t use The Big Four as a reason to excuse it in hindsight. That’s like saying that it was a great idea to spend your life savings on the lottery because you ended up winning a million dollars on the final ticket. Just because is happened to work out doesn’t make it a great idea.
    The Phillies got lucky because Hamels had a bounce back yearh, Ed Wade gave up Oswalt for pennies, and Cliff Lee came back for less. Amaro was still mistaken in trading him away, at least based on his return.
    “Over the course of the last week, Werth has continued to make his feelings, those bitter jealous ones, known to anyone who is willing to listen.”
    Sounds familiar.

  7. Best Quote:
    “Since Werth told reporters he expected to receive the same type of ovation Pat Burrell got upon his return to Philly, let’s compare the two: Pat Burrell left, understanding the business aspect of the sport, and had nothing but great things to say about the team and its fans. He even took out a full page ad in the Daily News, the way so many other grateful athletes do.
    Werth, on the other hand? Jealous pontification and second guessing of his former employer, the one that helped him achieve his $126 million pay day.
    Boo away, my friends. Boo away.”

  8. I don’t know why it’s a big deal to call JDub an asshole. He is. Rizzo’s already trying to backpedal from the comment. Probably because he sounded like an asshole. Werth agreed with him, according to the story. You make that kinda statement, you gotta live with the consequences. Athletes have been booed for far less in Philly. It’s Kyle’s job to give his opinion, let’s let him go ahead and do that. Isn’t that why we’re here?

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