The Nikolay Zherdev Experiment Isn’t Working Out So Well

What a pussy!

For some reason this Nikolay Zherdev situation fascinates me. Earlier in the season, we told you about Zherdev's little problem of refusing to speak to the media. Then, when he was finally forced to do so, he said he wouldn't speak to Russian mobster beat reproter Tim Pannaccio. Pannaccio is Italian.

Zherdev has always been known as a little bit of a flake and it seems his trial with the Flyers is coming to an end.

According to Sam Carchidi, if the Flyers are offered an early round pick, Zherdev will be traded before next Monday's deadline. 

The tipping point with Zherdev may have come on Friday night when, just moments before the start of the game, Mike Richards was scratched with flu-like symptoms. The Flyers scrambled to find a player to replace him. Presumably, Zherdev was the number one option, but they couldn't find him, and instead went with Jody Shelley. [Philly Sports Daily]

There was an interesting situation Friday night at RBC Center in Raleigh, N.C., when Richards was a very late scratch with flu-like symptoms. Jody Shelley, not Zherdev, took the captain’s spot.

“I’m not sure what happened in Carolina, ’cause I wasn’t there,” Holmgren said. “But we were scrambling around eight minutes before the game and the only guy they could find was Jody, I think. Jody had to quick get dressed and get in the lineup.”


As someone on Twitter put it, did they check in Lavs' doghouse (heyyo!)?

The dude is a flake. But he is also very skilled. The few times he has applied himself at both ends of the ice this season, he has stood out as a skilled puck-handler, skater, and two-way player. Unfortunately, those times have been few and far between.

UPDATE: Zherdev now likely staying.

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20 Responses

  1. Ift he Flyers are looking to get an early round pick for the guy they better not be holding their breath. They’ve completely screwed themselves with this guy. They knew from teh get go what they were getting. They should of kept their mouths shut, let Zherdev score 20-25 goals then dumped him at the dead line for “salary cap” relief purposes. Instead they decide to bench him for a month. What team will give up an early round pick for a guy that ran himself out of the league, can’t get into the lineup of Dan Carcillo and is a pending UFA.

  2. Agree with Kevin. Columbus, NYR, and now the Flyers tried the Z-experiment and came up empty. Who would give him something now. Z figures he’s getting underpaid at 2 million and he’s got the talent that is worth easily 3 to 3.5 Million a year. But his agent needs to take a 2×4 to the back of his head and knock some sense into him. Either that or the kid just doesn’t care about playing hockey at the pro level. Enigma is an understatement.

  3. this really pissed me off, Zherdev is so talented but he’s such a moron, so sad to see that wasted because of his attitude and lack of work ethic

  4. Since when is he dating Snookie. Yea, I just dropped a Jersey Shore reference. The fuck are you gonna do about it?

  5. Kyle and the rest of you are morons! He is depressed because he lives in the shithole called philladelphia and has no russian lines mate to talk too! stupid flyers never knew how to properly use russian players

  6. I don’t know why Lavs doesn’t allow Zherdev to play, he’s so much better than Carcillo and Shelley. Maybe Zherdev’s pissed because he doesn’t play.

  7. wow Mike!…those same stupid flyers are in first place last time i checked. The dude is a lazy bum and a dumbass. dumbass like u for making that comment

  8. Nice pussy…Cat..its a Russian Blue, anyhow…Its true, this guy is really skilled at times but what blows my mind is the fact that Flyers Brass knew he was a total flake,what were they thinking? I guess he was a cheap pickup as opposed to Gagnes salary but its a shame because he is very skilled….Think Dallas will snd us Brad Richards for Zherdev?…lol..A guy can dream cant he?…oh and Id do his old lady and steal his cat

  9. Mike you must be a stupid ass Penguins fan. Not that our #1 goalie is Russian and poling the players in the league if they were to pick a team to get traded to the Flyers are always tops on the list (see Versteeg/Eager/Sharp comments from last week).

  10. She DOES NOT look like snookie or any of the other Valtrex addicts on that show. That cat IS the oddest looking animal I have ever seen… And people wonder why Russians are so miserable….

  11. Not for nothin’, but the girlfriend looks coked up to me. Ditto for the cat. Zherdev on the other hand looks naturally moronic as evidenced by his having one foot out of Philly and the other on a banana peel.

  12. If you guys could read, I said “lines mate”! Did not goalie was considered a lines mate. I read an article before the season, stating that he gets depressed if he doesnt have a linesmate that is russian and someone he can speak/hang out with. Guess him and bob never got together

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