The Sixers Do Not Suck, The Sixers Do Not Suck

Ready for this? I'm going to go all newspaper columnist on you for a second:

Two weeks ago when Cliff Lee appeared at the Philly Auto Show, he was asked by a fan if the Yankees sucked. His response? "The Yankees do not suck, the Yankees do not suck." Perhaps he should have been talking about the Philadelphia 76ers, who beat the San Antonio Spurs, 77-71.

Shit. What just happened? 

Back to asshole blogger.

The Sixers have been getting it done on defense. They've only given up more than 100 points once since January 19th- 117 in the second game of a home and home with the Knicks.

Full highlights after the jump, including the red jerseys the Sixers wore to raise awareness for heart health. This is much better execution than the NFL creating a line a pink products for profit…


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  1. Anybody who believes that the Sixers are good is batshit insane. They are a sub .500 team…does everybody forget that? The only reason they are in the playoffs is because the Eastern Conference is a friggin’ joke. What are they going to do, make the playoffs and get bounced in the first round by the Heat by an average loss margin of 25? Please, everybody needs to cool down on the Sixers. Seriously…

  2. all of you guys who are saying they are a sub .500 team is a fucktard who looks at the standings and sees so. they started the year with a new coach with a defensive system. they started 3-13. since then, they are 22-16. crushing the hawks, beating the spurs, the knick, denver, utah, chicago. no way this team should be sub 500 right now.

  3. and dont get me wrong, they arent great. they are good. good enough to be a 5 or 6 seed. you guys will be on the sixers bandwagon when the flyers arent winning.

  4. Yes, as Joe said…all of you is a fucktard who looks at the standings and sees how many games they’ve won and lost, and base your claims that they are a sub .500 team on that! Wat is this i dont even….

  5. Could be said any better…they started off slow, getting that poison that was Eddie Jordan out of their system, they are now playing some good b-ball. They look like they can easily get the 5 seed this year.

  6. ugh, youre probably the same person who uses pitcher wins and fielding percentage to judge pitchers or fielders. look beyond what you see on espns standings and look more into it. im fully aware they arent good enough to win a title, but they are good enough to upset someone in the first round

  7. Chris…your reality sucks
    Here’s reality as I see it…
    They are a young (7 guys 22 or younger) and inexperienced team that is not very talented. Since a 3-13 start, they’ve been 22-15 and in nearly every game. They are playing the right way…defense and hard work. Credit where credit is due. Great job by Doug Collins.

  8. Take away that horrid start while they were adjusting to Collins’ style of play & they have a terrific record. By season’s end, they will have a solid, winning record.

  9. @ Joe: When the Flyers aren’t winning?!?
    The Flyers will still be playing (and winning) after the Sixers are done for the season.
    Love that the Sixers are winning, but the Flyers look like a team that is going to win a championship this year.

  10. Anyone who says the sixers suck obviously does not watch them. I watch them every game and this team is a far cry from the team that started the year 3-13. They will get to at least the 6 seed and possibly win the first series and I think will at least compete in a series with one of the big 2. Obviously they are not on an elite level yet. With all these young guys growing and playing as well as they are they are in a good situation where the right player here or there will put them over the top with a chance to compete for many years. Its fun to watch the sixers again. Enjoy it.

  11. The sixers are so young right now. Its really good to see them competing with every team they play. As they get older they are going to be a very good team…

  12. Bandwagoning fucks they started 3 and 13 and they are really young and have improved a lot they absolutely do not suck

  13. I have been calling these faggots out all year. When this team starts winning and gets into the playoffs everyone will be a “Loyal” Sixer fan. This site talked so much shit and me and a few other guys said good things, they too will be riding their dicks in a few months

  14. James Niggly I agree with you 100%. I’ve been pulling for sixers coverage all year to. I almost got into a fight with a guy at the bar b/c I asked for the Sixers to be on and he wanted to watch a non-philly college bball game.
    This team is fun to watch.

  15. The bottom line is that there are at least 3 teams in the East, and probably 8 in the West that could all sweep the Sixers in a playoff series. If they won ONE series, it would be a miracle. They’re stuck in the middle of the Eastern Conference for a long time, and that’s not where you want to be stuck.

  16. to me the sixers are doing great this year.they would of had a better record but they started really bad this season and are still paying for it now they sixers are playing great andd they beaten great teams to prove that they are not just getting lucky team like the magic hornets the suns spurs a crazy blowout to the hawks the knick and a few others so thats not just luck but at the same time we ose to easy ass tteams out there like wisards and clippers and a few more i think the sixer are a young as team and for being so young they have the 3rd best defence and they are first in not turning the ball over(turnovers) and they also have the best scoring bench in the nba will lou william mayb even winning the six man player of the year..if u dont think all these things are good for a really young team then i dont know what is anyone thats a true sixers fan like me knows that they are playing good and anyone that says they suck really havent watch them play we are only one game behindd the knick and hopefully they lose and we win will we one step to getting on top of them i think the sixer are going to have a good winning streak mayb 6 or 7 games and that will make up for there terrible start to the season give the sixers time they will be up there in the future again

  17. for all the douchebags talking about the Sixers being sub-.500, its looking like they will be @ .500 by the All-Star break and most likely (if they keep going the route theyre going) will be above a 7th or 8th seed in the playoffs…and I’ve been sayin’ it for about 2 wks., DO NOT be surprised to see them upset a team in the 1st round of the playoffs…depending on who they are matched up with. People need to get their heads out their asses and think about what their going to say before it gets said.

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