This is Difficult to Watch: Dallas Green Talks About His Granddaughter

Dallas Green met with reporters today in Clearwater. Not easy to watch.


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  1. god i hope that sick fuck gets raped every day in prison, being fucked up enough to shoot a public official is bad enough but killing a little girl is the most cowardly and disgusting thing imaginable.

  2. They should tie the sucker up to a wooden chair and have Ryan Howard take batting practice in front of him. Bastard.

  3. I lost my son nearly 5 years ago, and I sympathize with Dallas and his family so very much. It is something you never truly get past – you just learn to move on. And I pray that the Green family can do that in their own time.

  4. dan i think that guy was mentally ill he obviously did a terrible thing but I feel bad for that kid too and his family. Anyway I hope Dallas gets a little time to relax in Florida and hopefully is able to get some peace.

  5. Alex, Jared Loughner may be mentally ill, but is he not guilty by reason of insanity? An insanity defense may be hard to prove, given his actions before and after the shooting, including pleading the Fifth. Also, the US Judicial system has made it harder to prove insanity in the wake of John Hinckley’s assassination attempt on President Reagan. The key is to show that he does not know right from wrong at the time, but the said actions mentioned above show that he likely did know right from wrong. For the federal charges made against him, even if he is found insane, he still could face life in prison, and just not get the death penalty. But he can still face AZ state charges and also be tried separately under AZ law (which can be done concurrent with federal charges), and they do it a little differently. The AZ laws do not permit a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity, but does allow for a verdict of guilty but insane. Furthermore, he still could be sentenced to death under the AZ guidelines. I believe the AZ prosecutors haven’t yet filed charges, but since he is in federal custody, they are exempted from the normal 10 day deadline under AZ law.
    More info here:
    Not that I’m a legal expert, I just try to stay up-to-date on current events.

  6. Also, I say that the Phillies commemorate their 2011 season in honor if Christina Taylor Green, like wearing a patch with her initials, like with they did with Harry Kalas (and Robin Roberts uniform number).
    Our prayers are with you and your family, Mr. Green.

  7. Good idea, Iron Balls. My sympathies to Dallas and his family for what they’re going through.

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