This Isn’t Awful: Phillies Eagles (Black and Yellow) Remix

In case you haven't heard enough awful ripoffs of  Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow yet (like this one), here's one by K Yaamean (birth name?) about the Phillies and Eagles.

Perhaps the Phillies and Flyers would make more sense right now, but it's a start. Please God, let someone other than the Sixers play a game soon.


10 Responses

  1. ill state of mind is still the only one of these city tribute song remixes thats actually good

  2. Really, I don’t understand today’s youth culture. Guess what, Kyle, my lad, but Wiz Khalifa is already awful. So any parody, no matter its allegiance, would be just as equally awful. And I bet even Tom Hanks’ son has more street cred than Wiz Khalifa to boot:

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