Todd MacCulloch is a Sloth, or Living the Dream

Jesus Christ what happened to Todd MacCulloch? Not that he was ever the picture of health, but this description could be considered bottoming out- or reaching the top- depending on your point of view: [Yahoo Sports]

That's right, you can now find the former Washington Husky and NBA center retired and living outside Seattle, where he spends much of his time playing pinball and drinking from his own Slurpee machine in the game room of his 6,000-square-foot home.


MacCulloch, who was fired by the Sixers before the 08-09 campaign (which is such a strong word for a Sixers season), is currently ranked 145th in the world in pinball. That's fucking impressive. I think.

He owns "dozens" of pinball machines worth hundres of thousands of dollars, travels the country to play the game, and his biggest concern is keeping his daughter away from the Slurpee machine- a problem that can be quickly eradicated by hiring an… nevermind.

Todd MacCulloch is doing something right.

H/T to Seriously Ryan… who will be the subject of some upcoming CB news. Oh shit, tease!


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  1. Todd Macculloch played 223 career NBA games over 4 seasons and earned over 27 million dollars.
    He averaged 6 PPG, 4 RPG and less than 1 block per game.
    /things that make you go puke

  2. “Todd Macculloch played 223 career NBA games over 4 seasons and earned over 27 million dollars.”
    That is over $121,000 per game played.
    Well played, big fella.

  3. LOL…..
    Used to work with a guy that sold and traded him pinball machines, and would go to his house and repair the pinball machines for him.
    Too funny….

  4. This is nothing…you should see Matt Geiger’s place. Meanwhile me and Kurt Nimphius are sharing a 1-bedroom apartment in Parkwood.

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