Tuesday CB Six Pack

Choose one:

Who wins– Flyers first game back at home in a while, but they edge the Coyotes,3-2, with a late third period goal from Mike Richards. Flyers.

More embarrassing– I’m taking the underdog here, but R.A. Dickey, a journeyman kunckleballer who is finding some late-career success, writing a memoir in which he makes fun of himself is worse than a couple of Nationals fans with swollen balls. Dickey.

Stay or go– Stay. Zherdev might be needed come playoff time and he’s very talented when he applies himself. Plus, more cat pictures.

Crossing Broads– It’s like a battle of the CSN titans. Hilary came in with high expectations and perky hockey analysis. Looked good on the virtual ice machine with Nodl, but is more inconsistent than Zherdev. You know what you’re getting from Fadool- tight fitting top, snarky attitude, and that I went to Kentucky so I’m probably a little bit of a freak look. Fadool.

Crossing Bros– Age old man crush or new ironic chin? Can’t turn my back on Chasey. Chase. And don’t lie, Bros, you know you voted.

Crazier look– As someone commented yesterday, Zherdev’s girl looks like Snooki. His cat is just stuck in unfortunate company, so I’d look that way, too. But then you look at that slightly unnatural, only can be found in Russia grey coat, and that wherewithall to face the camera lets you know this cat is more savvy than you think and may very well be programmed to strike at any moment. Cat, by a hair.


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6 Responses

  1. amy fadool is perhaps the most annoying person in the world. she over-annunciates, yet trips over simple words, talks in a halting manner, sucks at ad-libbing, and ALWAYS cuts in on the other sportscasters with stupid little “uh-huhs” or “you got its”. annoying.
    amy fadool… more like amy faFOOL.

  2. Zherdev is in a classic “gots to go” situation. When the Flyers couldn’t find him prior to Friday’s game and were forced to suit up one of the resident goons (let’s face facts, Jody Shelley isn’t on the team for his scoring wizardry), it’s time for Nicky to hit the road, Jack!

  3. I agree with Kyle on Zherdev. We don’t no the full details of his absence at the Canes game yet. More importantly, it seems that since he’s been benched for Carcillo, the Flyers wins have been struggled wins, even if the losses are few. He will apply himself as the season comes to an end and goes into the post-season. Whereas Carcillo is a liability because he still takes cheap shots and seems to get penalties at the worst times, even though he’s been applying himself to be a more multi-skilled player than just a thug.
    And GF is crazier than the cat. I find it creepy that a lot of hair is covering her face. And what isn’t covered just doesn’t go together well, especially the nose and the mole next to it, as well as the Snooki tan-in-a-can and the tacky powder-blue fleece kimono thingy. That’s it! She’s Snooki-in-a-Snuggy. I don’t blame him for hugging the cat instead of the GF, although cats not too happy about it.

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