Video: Epic on Screen F Bomb from an 18 Year Old, Danny Briere Goes all Sick McNasty

Here's 18-year-old Jeff Skinner dropping a beautiful F Bomb : (30 second mark) into the refereee's microphone, after being leveled by Braydon Coburn.

via D (@PhillyKid1989)


The Flyers won, 2-1. Stevie Why has the full recap. Video of Danny Briere's sick game-winning goal, after the jump.

If you've never played hockey, you can't imagine how difficult this is to pull off. That incredible strength and quickness to receive the pass on the backhand and lift a flat puck over the goalie like that.



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  1. ESPN’s bottomline for Carolina’s next game: “OUT: Carolina Hurricane C Jeff Skinner (grounded)”

  2. Interesting that since GameCenter only had the Carolina broadcast, it that didn’t capture the f*ck bomb. Not that is was needed, even for those who can’t read lips.
    I wonder how that game would have went if Bob was in net, since they were coming from a little break since they last played the night before the SB. Maybe he went up to Canada to see Olga again? At some point Lavs is going to have to get him back in to shake-off the rust and let him recharge from Olga’s talent-draining powers.

  3. C’mon man Skinner is not a whiner. That kid is gonna be special. He just layed a big hit on Coburn after getting his bell rung a few times, at least he didn’t have his teammates do the fighting for him. PS the hit wasn’t that bad, and it probably shouldn’t have been called.

  4. yeah the hit wasnt bad but he still took a run at him hence the charging and then left his skates which is also a no-no…

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