Video: Jody Shelley and Nolan Yonkman Thrown Down

Instant classic right here.

After getting Ken Yonkman (whose name stipulates he be at least 6'3) to take a dumb penalty, Jody Shelley threw down with the massive defenseman. 


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2 Responses

  1. I say 50% Yonkman was rattled by a few Shelley blow, 50% he gave up cause he didn’t want to be sprayed with Shelley’s blood.
    Man, what a disappointing ending in OT. Especially as Giroux made a brilliant tying goal with 1:13 to go in regulation. Not sure if Kimmo’s hooking penalty in OT was a good call by the refs–it seemed like some bad non-calls were going both ways–but Meszaros got stupid with the stick loss and even more stupid with a crappy block move on the Yotes GWG. Skate toward the shooter, not away, when you’re stickless! And S-Bob didn’t look good letting in the last softy in regulation.
    I’m still torn whether the Coyotes really won it or if the Flyers gave them the win, cause they looked a little worn. It didn’t help that Betts and O’Donnell were scratches and then Bartulis got hurt. Suddenly the defense looks a little tired when it gets stretched thin by just a hair. Let’s hope they get it together for NYI on Thursday, because that’s not going to be a gimme win either. Hopefully some of the hurt guys will be back to add ice time. Maybe Lavs should give Zherdev another chance if not… maybe.

  2. The hit on Bartulis was a late hit and really uncalled for. Good news is they’re [CSN] now sayin’ that O’Donnell might be back for Thursday’s game against the Isles.

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