Video: Joe Conklin Does Charlie in Front of Charlie

We posted the audio from this last week, but somebody had a video camera that captured the reactions of Halladay, Victorino, and Manuel while Joe Conklin imitated Charlie at the PSWA dinner last week.


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5 Responses

  1. “Most impressive thing bout’ Roy Halladay wasn’t even ya know, the no hitter er’ uh you know, perfect game, ya know, it was him learning to understand me and Carlos Ruiz in the same season…”
    lol, classic

  2. Omg Joe Conklin is the man. Im not even mad he ripped on Hamels, the Bull Pen, Vick, Kolb, Read…

  3. I went to the Great Sports Debate back in the day at Chickies and Conklin was in the middle of FKD ave dressed like Jeff Laurie with a sign that said “Will work for Free Agents”

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