Video: Lavs Punches Leino in the Head

We can spend three paragraphs talking about the hokey ceremony where players on both teams wore #17 jerseys for Rod Brind'Amour (big fan btw), who was openly rooting for the Hurricanes during the broadcast, or we can dissect Peter Laviolette's punch to the back of Ville Leino's head. Yeah, let's go with that.

Watch our edited video (and a .gif) after the jump:


Lost in all this is another epic Lavs rant. Step 1: Remove the gum. Step 2: Assertive, yet reckless fist pump. Step 3: Breathe fire. Step 4: Replace the gum, tug on the lapels, be a boss. Lavs rant complete.

.gif via Cindy on Facebook, after the jump.

Lavs_punchH/T to Matt


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  1. No problem Kyle, have to thank you for the recent success of Chasejackson10 of 38 followers lol…

  2. Lavs has the Iron Balls in his fist, but luckily Ville seems to have the Iron Balls in his head.
    That video would be an all-time epic keeper if the music wasn’t that typical wussy crap that laddie takes a shine to. So instead it’s has to go into the fail bin. You might as well use the rap stylings of Chester Hanks (Tom Hanks son), AKA “Chet Haze”:

    (Howard Stern analysis:

    Thanks for the gif as an alternate, for the save.
    Mark it a push, Kyle.

  3. Lav is the most Philly coach we got. You gotta love him. Even though Charly is the most laid back guy I have ever seen which is the exact opposite of Philadelphians for some odd reason he seems really Philly to me to. I probably only feel that way bc hes a winner but who cares imo hes the best coach in baseball. The parade when everyone was chanting “Thank You Charly” and his reaction is 1 of my all time favorite off field sports memories. That and High Hopes.

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