I'm already ducking the mud that is about to be hurled my way.

There is no excuse for what Nova just did. Up 10 with under three minutes to go, against Rutgers, is nearly an impossible lead for the #10 team in the country to blow, no?


Still, James Bell's three-pointer with under 20 seconds to go gave Nova a five point lead. Then, this happened:

– Rutgers hit a three to cut the lead to two.

– Corey Fisher was fouled and made one-of-two free throws to give Nova a three point lead.

– Rutgers hit a three and got the foul, as Corey Fisher touched Jonathan Mitchell, a Florida transfer, on the arm. He won the game at the line.

All of that in under 20 seconds. Amazing.

Not a great way to go into College Gameday on Saturday against Pitt… Congrats, Rutgers, you got yourselves a few highlights on national TV.

Video after the jump that takes you into my head during the final 20 seconds.