Villanova Produces Outstanding Seven Minute Video on Pros and Cons of Moving to Big East for Football


Homer alert!

Today, Villanova sent a survey to alumni asking them for their opinions on a move to the Big East conference for football. Perhaps this video, which was released on Friday, should have come with it.

Simple sentences aside, they broke down all that a move to the Big East would entail- citing possible negative press (read: football players get in trouble) and performance (read: they might suck) as reasons why a move might not be the best idea. The video also says that, not surprisngly, the most likely game facility would be PPL in Chester. Insert joke here about a bunch of Villanova kids invading Chester.

Villanova would also be forced to build a $35 million practice facility and open up 22 more women's sports scholarships to comply with Title IX (read: paying for the education of 22 additional students who won't generate a dollar for the school).

It's a tad, um, dry, but is quite possibly the best use ever of social media to inform a fan base of a decision-making process. Facsinating look inside the business of sports, too.

via The Nova Blog


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  1. As I look around my communications class in St. Mary’s, imagining some of these kids traveling down to Chester is downright laughable. A fairly good amount of them probably don’t even know what Chester is.

  2. Villlanova football shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near PPL Park. First reason being Professor Rick Eckstein who was harshly against the idea of building PPL Park in Chester, saying that it wouldn’t do anything to improve Chester and would just be a waste of money. “If I got $87 million in public money I could make my neighborhood look a lot nicer, too.” Villanova and Eckstein were arguing stronger than any one else against giving the Union that stadium, and now they want to play there?
    Then there comes the issue of football lines. If you’ve ever been to PPL Park you would know it’s quite possibly the most beautiful stadium in the area. Why would the Union ever want to desecrate that by throwing football lines on their field?

  3. it really shows your intelligence when you can only use “faggots” to insult Villanova. at least delaware fans make fun of the priests. by the way, if you go to chester you are far more likely to be shot by someone riding shotgun in tyreke evans’ car than you are to be raped.

  4. Real class acts we have here.
    Get the facts straight, the video was included in the survey.
    As for complaining about the lines on the field, I am pretty sure that in 2011 this is a problem that can be easily solved if given enough thought.

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