That's a fairly simple request, no?

Our Super Bowl party on Sunday night at McFadden's was complete with Beer Tub Girl (Do we capitalize that? Sure, why not?) tryouts.

Now, you can vote on which girls will earn the right to open aluminum bottles and hand you beer.

More details:

So here's how it works: The polls will be open for the next two weeks. You can vote for up to 15 different girls, and you'll only need to enter your info the first time that you vote. After that, you can vote 14 additional times without re-entering your data. And your vote DOES count. The team will be introduced on Thursday, March 31st at our season kick-off party with Mr. Greengenes. 

Our favorite? Christie- 4th row down, on the right- she's a CB reader. Vote for her, if only because she bought this Flyers beer koozie and likes long walks on the beach.

Vote… here.