Thursday CB Six Pack

Choose one:

Who wins– The guy I played against in NHL ’11 last night smoked me with the Isles. The game is very realistic. My logic sucks. Isles.

Makes you hate Zherdev– The cat pic looks like he may actually be trying to be a reasonable human being. It’s the chick who makes that picture scary. The butt grab and, more importantly, the face in that picture really grinds my gears. Butt grab.

Jimmy Rollins– Contract year. Swag off, Rose on. Rose.

Crossing Broads– This seems like a no-brainer, but I’m going to go with Julie Bowen. Sofia Vergara is larger than life and that accent would get old real fast. Bowen, on the other hand, sports a cute, every-woman look, successfully manages a nutty household and a shitty husband, plus just reeks of a Diane Lane in Unfaithful outburst, after a couple more years of Phil. For that, we are all winners. Julie Bowen.

Crossing Bros– Zoo might have the look (maybe), but is there any part of you that wouldn’t want to hear Jim Jackson announce a sexual escapade? Winds and fires and scores! Jackson.

Sticks around longer– Gadhafi. He’s been in power longer and seems more willing to fight. Raul’s beard would get wiped with rough sandpaper.

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7 Responses

  1. Do you have control over the size of the daily CBL? It’s annoying to have to scroll to click submit, just make that a little bigger. And why doesn’t tab and enter work?

  2. And make the pictures of the Broads bigger!
    And Julie Bowan? Yikes! I got one word: “Pectus Excavatus”. OK maybe not that. But talk about anti-cleavage. And her character is just as annoying as the Colombian chick. Actually make it an F-Marry-Kill with the older daughter. I’ll F Baraga, marry the daughter, and kill Bowan. And yes, I checked the IMDBs and she’s in her 20s, and will age nicely in a few years. They make her up better in that Olive Garden commercial.
    And I’m surprised you’re not in to the Gay guys. Actually, only one of them is Gay in real life. IMDBs again.
    As long as the Isles don’t treat the Flyers like the Penqueens they’ll make it a good game. But when have the Flyers lost (I mean not win) 2 in a row? The “loss” against the Coyotes will motivate the Flyers to bnounce back. Your logic sucks. Flyers.

  3. Well, don’t “stick it” in the “widget” then. And if you “play around with it” too much, hair grows in all the wrong places. And that’s the best advice you’ll ever get from a lifelong incurable pervert. Don’t say I never do you any favors!

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