Yesterday, Larry Fitzgerald campaigned for the services of one Kevin Kolb. Whys?

As Tim McManus reports, Fitzgerald and the Cardinals will be one of many potential suitors for the second found draft pick who has been a career backup and never proven anything in the NFL.

Kolb's career stats:

61% pass completion, 11 TDs, 14 Ints, 73.2 QB rating

For realsies. That 73.2 QB rating would have put him just ahead of Brett Fave (29th) this past season.

Besides that, he has looked consistently uncomfortable in the pocket, shown that his arm is not that strong, and hasn't seized either of the two opportunities he's been given.

What else we know about Kolb: He was drafted in the second round and served as a backup to Donovan McNabb. He was then given the keys to the team by Andy Reid, which later proved to be a mistake when he was replaced by a felon on probation who hadn't played in the league in three years. Those are facts.

In the limited on-field sample we have of Kolb, he hasn't done anything to prove himself as anything more than a mediocre quarterback. 

Is it really going to be this easy to trade him?

Should we just keep quiet and not tell anyone?

Am I missing something?