Why is Kevin Kolb in Demand?

Yesterday, Larry Fitzgerald campaigned for the services of one Kevin Kolb. Whys?

As Tim McManus reports, Fitzgerald and the Cardinals will be one of many potential suitors for the second found draft pick who has been a career backup and never proven anything in the NFL.

Kolb's career stats:

61% pass completion, 11 TDs, 14 Ints, 73.2 QB rating

For realsies. That 73.2 QB rating would have put him just ahead of Brett Fave (29th) this past season.

Besides that, he has looked consistently uncomfortable in the pocket, shown that his arm is not that strong, and hasn't seized either of the two opportunities he's been given.

What else we know about Kolb: He was drafted in the second round and served as a backup to Donovan McNabb. He was then given the keys to the team by Andy Reid, which later proved to be a mistake when he was replaced by a felon on probation who hadn't played in the league in three years. Those are facts.

In the limited on-field sample we have of Kolb, he hasn't done anything to prove himself as anything more than a mediocre quarterback. 

Is it really going to be this easy to trade him?

Should we just keep quiet and not tell anyone?

Am I missing something?


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  1. 61% completion rating is good, and that might be enough for other teams to build around. He had a bad TD/INT ratio in what still is only a handful of games and behind a terrible offensive line. He might still just be a mediocre QB at best, but other teams might see that he hasn’t been given the right surroundings here that he needs to succeed. Like enough time to complete the Reid-designed 18-step drops before getting sacked.

  2. no one is sure what he has to offer, but if you look at the beginning of the season, the games where he was the QB (not the games he split with Vick) he didnt look horrible. your right about his arm, but I thought he didnt look to bad in the games he was given a chance to be the one and only QB.

  3. he’s also a way better upgrade than anything Arizona had at QB last season, which isn’t saying much but still…

  4. It’s a mystery to me as well, but as fresh had stated, Kolb would be a vast improvement over what the Cards rolled out on the field to play quarterback. If Arizona offers something good in trade, I say, git ‘r done!

  5. Shhhhh! You are like the wife who tells a potential buyer of your house that the basement leaks and the neighbors are white supremacists. Keep it down.

  6. He can be a starter probably, but is probably more of a game manager Jake Delhomme type. You figure SF, Arizona, Minnesota, Cleveland, Miami, Buffalo, Washington, and Tennessee will be in the market for QBs. And it looks like Kolb, McNabb, and Palmer will be only 3 options avaiable. Get a 2nd round pick for Kolb. Then trade Vick for a 2nd round pick in 2012. And then let the Mike Kafka era begin.

  7. You’re coming off pretty biased. It seems like you and a select few people don’t think Kolb has any skill. He’s good enough to get us at least a mid first round pick. For a team looking to win now, that has a bad B situation they want someone who they have seen have success on the field. That game against Atlanta was no fluke.

  8. He’s never really been given a fair shot…
    He played one quarter against a great GB defense and was concussed.
    Then Reid turned the team over to Vick.
    When Kolb came in for an injured Vick Reid said he wasn’t going back to him no matter what.
    He goes to a different team, a better coached and managed team and just watch how well he does!

  9. Let’s be realistic here…with his career consisting of such a small sample size and limited opportunities we need to weed out what should and shouldn’t count toward a fair assessment of Kevin. In my opinion, throw out the 2008 stats (Balt game) where he had 0TD/4INT and the Dallas game this year where no one played and he almost got killed behind a backup offensive line. (many would argue that the starting offensive line were backups)
    In the games he started: NO, KC (2009) 55/85 718yds 4/3 and GB, ATL, SF, TEN (2010) he was 75/118 834yds 5/3. That totals 130/203 (64%) 1552yds and 9/6. The QB rating for that is 89.76…for the first 6 starts of his career.
    I’m not going go through every QB in the league but I would bet to say he is better, or on par with 1/2 of starting QB’s. In fact…he would start for ARI, BUF, CAR, CLE, JAC, MIA, MIN, OAK, SF, SEA, TEN, OAK. Maybe he could start over Orton in DEN and Stafford in DET who is never healthy and Cassell in KC. I would trade him for a top 45 pick…other than that keep him.

  10. Kevin Kolb stinks…plain and simple. Every single person posting on here can throw a football as far as he does if not further. He looked HORRID in that first start against GB. He looked HORRIBLE when he came in for Vick against Washington. He gave up a 17 point 4th quarter lead against a Tenn team that ended up not being very good. All because he couldn’t get one G.D. first down. He barely beat SF, another horrible team. And the only reason why he looked good against ATL is because the didn’t bring the house against him. The didn’t pressure him and tried to take the deep ball away so they gave him all the underneath throws. And that was basically the only game the defense showed up for all season. I say trade him for whatever they can get and do it sooner rather than later. The longer they wait to move this guy the more of a chance he will be exposed for the fraud of a QB that he is.

  11. Maybe he’s in demand because football people know more about evaluating talent than you do.

  12. Maybe he’s in demand because football people know more about evaluating talent than you do.

  13. For a team looking to win now??? What makes anyone think he can “win now?”
    a better coached and managed team???? The Eagles scored their most points ever (a lot to do with vick) with a whole host of weapons. we can hate on reid and co, but they’ve always done a pretty good job of putting up points, especially through the passing game.
    the QB rating for that is 89.76—- it was also 76 this season. it’s hard to throw out those first two starts too, because he’s only played a handful of games- we have no evidence (other than non contact practice) that he’s improved that much more.

  14. i’m not saying he stinks, perhap’s he’s really good. but what do we have to go on? lackluster stats and second round draft spot? i just don’t get the fuss. i’d like to see him, ya know, prove it.

  15. ughhh bloggers need to be banned from talking about football. Like any job it takes experience and some people develop at different rates. Speaking of Favre look at Favre’s career before he went to GB or steve young when he was in Tampa. There are people who think they know about football that are saying Kolb stinks based on 16 starts. Look at Mark Sanchez after 16 f’ings starts and people slob over him. This town is starting to get a little New Yorkish and I hate it. If you’re not good the second you step on the field/court/ice your career is over.

  16. Well, I’m not ready to call Kolb the second coming of Tim Couch or Akili Smith, but if there’s a team (or teams) out there lacking in common sense who actually wants to take this guy off our hands, then, by all means, let’s do the deal before these knuckleheads come to their senses!

  17. It’s not about saying he stinks- it’s that he has no track record. Nor does he have a high draft pick, and high demand to back that up. Rodgers and Sanchez were both first round picks. Kolb was a relative unknown. Could be good, but where is the evidence. What has he ever done to show it?
    He doesn’t have a strong arm. He’s not fast. He hasn’t looked particularly poised. All we have is a small sample size that isn’t that good. I’m just looking for something to show me he can be good.

  18. so when we talk about vick he’s a great qb turning his life around, when we talk about kolb he got replaced by a felon who hadnt played in three years. double standard much?

  19. Maybe if Kolb hadn’t fallen down and couldn’t get back up (metaphorically speaking) after week one and played well enough to keep his job, we wouldn’t be talking about Vick who’d be nothing more than a little used second string and a gadget for Andy Reid to use and abuse. Hey, that’s life in the NFL, if you don’t get the job done, someone will replace you, and Kolb failed to get the job done.

  20. I’m not saying he’s amazing or anything but when asking why people would want him, we should look at the situations in which those “career” stats were compiled. 6x in his career he went through the week of practices as the starter. In those 6 games he looked very servicable, especially since he hasn’t really had game speed situations since 2006 in college.
    “Kevin, grab your helmet…you’re going in…” is not a recipe for success and no one thrives in that environment.

  21. What did Matt Schaub go for? Oh yeah, right, stfu. Kevin Kolb, like him or not, has real market value…judging on such a small sample size is moronic. I know that you are probably having difficulty assessing talent, but from what kevin kolb has shown, he has in the very least potential. Young backup qbs are worth a 1st-2nd round to teams without a starter basely for the potential factor. Do some math and or football history. 🙂

  22. We can put all the points up we want in the regular season. Then come playoff time when the real men show up Reid mismanages time outs, has a general fear of running the ball and calls boneheades plays.
    Not to mention Desean tends to disappear when it matters most. He’s got a big mouth, but in the clutch, give me Maclin.

  23. Joe Montana would have looked like shit behind that O-line. do you guys even watch these games?

  24. when you keep bringing up that he was only a 2nd round pick you say it like it’s some horrible thing.

  25. Yo, this guy does not really know a lot about sports, and he writes a sports blog……
    Look at Kolb’s stats with the starters. 2 of his starts he was named NFC player of the week.

  26. NFC Player of the Week, eh? That and a dollar will buy Kolb a Daily News. Clearly Andy Reid wasn’t impressed with that tiny accolade.

  27. I disagree with your assesment of Kolb. He is the first QB in history to throw for 300 yards in his first 2 starts. One was against the Super Bowl Champ Saints, which to me qualifies as a good team. This year he wasn’t given a fair shot at all, and didn’t deserve to lose his job. I don’t think we should trade him because Vick is bound to get hurt again and as long as the O Line improves than Kolb should be very effective if he has to come in due to an injury IMO.

  28. Given how Andy hasn’t, to my knowledge, shot down any trade rumors regarding Kolb must mean that he’s thinking about moving him, which, in turn might mean Fatboy’s fallen out of love with The Player Formerly Known As Donovan’s Successor. Of course, this is all conjecture on my part, God only knows what crap is percolating in Reid’s head these days.
    As for the lack of fairness regarding how Kolb lost his job, sadly, fairness has no place when it comes to winning football games, and Reid reasoned he had a better chance of winning with Vick than with Kolb. Plain and simple. Nothing personal, Kev, just business.

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