Just in case that little nugget of news from yesterday that said Cliff Lee had a "mild side strain" scared you, Lee and Amaro met with reporters today to let everyone know he's "perfectly fine."

Lee told reporters he is about 5-10 pitches behind the rest of the team at this point, but should be right on track once the season starts.

This whole media thing is probably getting old real fast for Lee. Check out this little tidbit: [Delaware Online

Lee isn’t exactly the happiest guy in the locker room to talk to the media, so it was a bit amusing when he entered the room and a horde of reporters immediately pounced on him. But he was pleasant enough about it. The highlight, however, was probably the impish grin Roy Halladay offered when he walked over as the session ended. Something tells me the two may have been joking about how this would all turn out before we arrived.


I'm fully convinced one of the Roys or Cliff is going to go ballistic and take out a reporter before spring training is over. Video of Lee and Amaro talking here.