Having a little trouble getting started this morning. Thanks to all the folks who came out to the party at McFadden's Ballpark last night. Good times- free food, free beer, girls dancing on the bar, and a good game. Next party: Phillies tailgate, April 2nd. More on that later today.

Couple of quick notes:

– We're excited to announce further sponsoship from BC Sports. They will begin advertising in the right rail. Keep it here for all of their latest signings and offers. Next one? Meet Claude Giroux at the BC Sports in the Mooresetown Mall on March 2nd. Get tickets here.

– One week left to take advantage of 15% off at Philly Phaithful. Use code vday15. All orders are entered to win a free Claude Giroux t-shirt. If one shows up in your bag, you are automatically entered to win free shirts for a year. Get it all here.

The Roundup:

– Brian Boucher teases Stevie Why. Imminent date rumors denied. [PSD]

– Phillies beat writer calls Howard Eskin AND I QUOTE "one who  bears a slight resemblance to something you might get if Chewbacca and Conan O'Brien produced a test tube baby." [High Cheese]

– Must read: Bryan Sargent details his trip to Phillies Phantasy Camp, and it's fantastic. [Here]

– You can still enter to win the best beer koozie ever. [Here]

– Evgeni Malkin might be done for the season. [SB Nation]

– Some crazy rumor started on former Eagle Kyle Eckel's Facebook page about Jon Gruden coaching the Eagles. It's picking up a lot of steam on Twitter, but don't go believing this one just yet. [Seriously Ryan]

– Our Wing Bowl video from Friday, if you missed it. [Here]