– Phillies tickets went on sale this morning at 8:30. Reports say that there were some issues with the website, but eventually it sounds like most people got thru. The Phillies said people had been in line since 7 P.M. last night. Presumably, no one else had on that jacket.


Tickets to the April 2nd game, which will likely be Cliff Lee's first start, are sold out. But we got you covered- get tickets starting as low as $58 on Crossing Broad Tickets

We're hosting a tailgate that day. There will be more details on that soon.

Step 1: Buy tickets.

Step 2: Come get drunk with us.

– Miguel Cabrera got arrested for DUI last night in Florida. Probably best to not swig the scotch in front of an officer: [Sun Sentinel complete with happy mugshot]

Cabrera, whose eyes were bloodshot and speech "heavily slurred," was handcuffed and walked towards a patrol vehicle before being told to get in the vehicle.

"Do you know who I am, you don't know anything about my problems," Cabrera is quoted as saying.

A deputy reported Cabrera was put in handcuffs after not following orders. Cabrera also "kept running out in the road with his hands up."


It wasn't even graceful, folks.

Ochocinco isn't happy with Batman… that or this is all a joke:

ochocinco: @terrellowens F_ck yo touchdowns we went 4-12 and now my QB is leaving and they blaming me,you taking 50% of the blame for this sh_t!!!


– And Rich from Hackensack wraps all of your Mets fan stereotypes into one great big phone call:

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