Beeker’s Balls Drop, For Crying Out Loud

Evan Turner dominated tonight, scoring 20 points as the Sixers beat the Warriors in overtime, 125-117. Beeker scored eight points in the extra frame, with six coming in the final minute.

Gordie Jones, who all but predicted the final score, has the full story over at Philly Sports Daily.

Turner? He just wants to play, for crying out loud.

via (@outsidethenba)

As for the Flyers? Thoughts on that slop soon.


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  1. good to see all the loyal sixers fans opinion on our #2 draft pick starting to play better. Anyway, I’m glad Evan’s playing better but the Warriors play zero defense and he needed double overtime to score 20. I understand he’s coming off the bench and by no means am I saying he had a bad game but he also did this against the Suns. What concerns me about Evan isn’t his work ethic or attitude, it’s his athleticism. He’s actually a fairly polished basketball player but you don’t see that type of John Wall explosive first step or the great leaping ability. Not that every great player needed to be the greatest athlete in the NBA (see Larry Bird) but with the #2 pick can Evan Turner be the closer in the 4th quarter? Against the mavs we saw that as well coached and tough-minded defensively as the sixers are (sorry if that wasn’t in English) you need a guy that can get that important 8-15 points when you need it. There are multiple guys on all 30+ NBA teams that can score 20 every game but how many can do it when the games on the line against good teams. Sorry for the article I just wrote but since no one else will comment on this story I might as well do it for everyone.

  2. and by the way I understand he scored a lot in overtime however, again…. it was the warriors. Also i didn’t do a good job of explaining how is athleticism relates to his late game execution. A jump shot can be inconsistent but getting to the paint is well a slam dunk. The best wing players are the best because they can get easy baskets more often than anyone else. I think I could beat LeBron in H.O.R.S.E (okay no chance)but he can go right by anyone and dunk it on them. Evan hopefully if nothing else will turn out to be Rip Hamilton in his prime where he’s a great mid-range catch and shoot guy that has the ability to guard all 3 positions.

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