Hamels_hallHe said, she said

Go screw, Bill Hall.

In today's game against the Astros, Cole Hamels threw one up and in on Bill Hall. Hall didn't like the pitch and started jawing (love that word) with Cole. Both benches had to be warned.

After the game, Hamels, who is now sporting a badass beard, said Hall is a "good guy" and that the ordeal wasn't that big of a, well, deal.

Hall? Heh: [Chron.com]

"I don’t know if he was mad because he gave up a homer (to Carlos Lee in the previous at-bat) or if he was mad because the umpire gave me time. But I’m not going to let him speed-pitch me. Obviously, he threw a pitch in, and I’m not going to let him disrespect me either. He kind of said something that I didn’t like too much. It’s over with.

He’s definitely a marked man for me now, so when I do some damage off him, I’m going to let him know I did some damage off him. I can guarantee that.

I don’t feel like I do a lot of things to have pitchers mad at me for doing things on the field. I feel like I play the game the right way. But if you disrespect me, I’m going to do my best to disrespect you back. Obviously not in a way to disrespect the game, but obviously I’m going to let him know when I face him."


Listen, Bill, you're not going to let anybody know anything. Cole will most likely miss the Astros when they come to Philly for the first three games of the season, but something tells me Doc or Clifton will remember Hall's little comment and deliver him some sweet, velvety music just below his stubbly chin.

Hall is 3-for-22 with seven strike outs against Hamels during his career. Get 'em, Bill.

Video of Cole's comments and his new beard, right here.