BREAKING NEWS: Chris Pronger to Have Surgery, Out 3 to 4 Weeks


We're screwed. I knew we were screwed the minute this town starting celebrating our good fortunes on the mound and printing Stanley Cup tickets. This was all just too good to be true.

On the heels of another Phillies injury (so far our right fielder, second baseman, and now closer), comes this news from the Flyers:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that D Chris Pronger will undergo surgery on Tuesday, March 15 to repair a fracture in his right hand, according to general manager Paul Holmgren.

"Chris had a CT scan on his right hand on Sunday and a small fracture was discovered,” Holmgren said.  “Our doctors believe surgery is the best route to take with the injury. Surgery will be done Tuesday morning in Cleveland by Dr. Tom Graham. Chris will be able to return to play in 3-4 weeks."

Pronger has appeared in 50 games for the Flyers this season, recording four goals and 21 assists for 25 points.  He is a plus-7 on the season and leads the Flyers in average time on ice per game (22:09).   


More soon.


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  1. He could be back week before playoffs or for the playoffs. This could be a blessing in disguise. It will let him rest for a bit

  2. I agree with JT.
    I think some of their defensive woes of late are due to him being gassed from being leaned on too much. They held together when he was out earlier in the year, although they had Bartulis. What will make or break their playoff run is the desire of the all the other yungins, especially with playing balls-out for all 60 minutes and not just the first 40, and not getting careless in the D zone. The young D’s Coburn, Meszaros, and Carle need to really step it up, especially the last two. Because I think O’Donnell is also too old to handle any extra ice time. He’s already having a hard time with the normal ice time he gets. I know Kimmo will step it up and let’s pray he stays healthy.
    I’m still torn about the goalie situation. It looks like Bob can get him their if he stays focused. But Boucher had a good night against the Leafs. He had to, because if he had another loss in a row I’m sure Laviolette would have went exclusively to the yungin.
    From here to the end of the season they’ll be playing a lot of desperate teams.

  3. “we’re screwed. i knew we were screwed….” WOE IS ME KYLE. Noone here cares that ur vagina hurts. You’re seriously the biggest front runner fan ive ever witnessed. (View all sixers blogs previous to the past month). Now Pronger is out and the Flyers are done. Utley and Lidge are hurt so the Phils are done now. (also very unintelligent writing that our right fielder is hurt…Brown obviously wasnt going to be our starting right fielder) But yes kyle, this is sports. Injuries happen. Rollins missed half the season last year, howard missed a month, utley missed 2 months and guess what? We still had more wins than any team in baseball. But yes, you’re right…were totally screwed. Boo fkn HOO. Grab a tissue.

  4. Good call Michael.
    I also took notice that this was the first Flyers’ post in awhile that was actually not “thrown” to Stevie Why. Since the Phils’ signed Lee, the only concentration on this site has been the Phillies. Sure, maybe a three liner about the Flyers here or a jab at the Sixer there. But come on, can’t be a “Philly sports site” and write 90% about the Phillies, months before the regular season even starts.
    And what happens if the Phils’ start slow after all of this hype? “Jimmy Rollins: Portrait of a Leader?” or “Ibanez hurt; Phils are done?”
    And wtf happened to the CB six pack??

  5. “I knew we were screwed the minute this town starting celebrating our good fortunes on the mound and printing Stanley Cup tickets”
    Bro, you must be joking. You are THE MAIN OFFENDER in that statement, for all sports. You couldn’t be any more of a shit-talking front runner. Make sure you continue to make fun of other teams and talk about men’s “ironic” chins. Good one. (nope)

  6. @Steve RE “And wtf happened to the CB six pack?”:
    Laddie-boy Kyle stopped doing them because he couldn’t find chicks. He’s to busy pining away about Utley and his knees. What a sicko!

  7. guys- get over it. i didn’t mean the flyers were screwed. i was being sarcastic about all of the injuries lately.
    i was wrong on the sixers, i’ll give you that- but i still don’t take back anything i said about the organization, iguodala being an asshole, or fucking ticket guru.
    there’s not a ton to cover with the flyers right now. if you look back over the past few months there’s PLENTY of flyers stuff. it has nothing to do with front running. i run a website, more people read phillies stuff – a lot more – hence, i write more phillies stuff. that’s the way it is.
    i’m THRILLED that the sixers are good. both as a fan, and as someone who is glad people finally give a shit about what i post on them. again, nothing to do with front running, it’s a one or two man show here, got to go with what people care about.

  8. Wow! I guess from his above comment it looks like laddie-boy Kyle is conceding that there are better blogs out there for everything that isn’t Phillies.
    And given his Chicken Littleisms of late about Phillies injuries, I’m not sure it’s the best out there for Phillies information.
    At least he’s got other guys like Ryan Gillon and john Ellis offering refreshing alternatives to his Chase Utley whinings and pinings.

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