Caption This! Flyers Win, Carter Scores Twice

Flyers_winThis fuckin' guy

Davey I has the full recap, Ryan Bright has more on Carter scoring.

In the 17 games he’s played since the All-Star break, in which the Flyers are 10-5-2, Carter, who missed two games with the flu, has provided five multi-point campaigns and 16 points (nine goals, seven assists) total. His nine tallies are the most on the team during that stretch and are more than Mike Richards (2), Claude Giroux (3) and Danny Briere (3) combined. As the rest of the team has struggled to score, Carter has been one of the few to keep the Flyers’ battered ship afloat.


The full highlights are after the jump. Watch them, caption the photo above. Go, now, do it.


13 Responses

  1. Lavs: “Hey Jody”
    Shelley: “Yeah?”
    Lavs: “You see this guy right here? This motherfucka is WINNING”

  2. it still pains me to like Carter… idk why but watching him shoot from the top of the circle and hit nylon but the nylon above the glass and not the net… a part of me dies each time…

  3. Lavs: “Put Powe here on D…”
    O’Donnell: “Really? Over me?!?”
    Carle: “Heh, O’Donnell got substitued again.”

  4. PS: Shelly may actually be the Volador on the far left (behind Carle’s right shoulder).
    And thanks to the Red Wings (GASP) for snapping the Caps winning streak and keeping the Voladores #1 in the East. Now it’s time for some payback in ATL tomorrow nite.

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