Caption This! Hip Hop and Stone Harbor Mayor


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  1. Something to do with whales. And beaches. I’m just not clever enough to figure out how to form those concepts into a hilarious sentence.

  2. ladies and gentleman, it appears to me that the mayor of stone harbor prefers to keep her floaties a secret.

  3. The Mayor denies any connection to her running on the beach and the Tsunami that hit Japan

  4. The man with the broom got the whole town to chase the two after they were disovered doing it in the carrot patch

  5. Hip Hop and the Mayor flee the paparazzi after being caught on the beach fucking like rabbits.
    Get it… because he’s a rabbit? Yeah… I’ll be here all week folks.

  6. Or maybe they all heard that Turner’s new shoe was on sale and they are rushing to the mall… nah.

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