Caption This! Utley and Blanton at the Tap

Looks like I got a lot of readers in the Diamond Club. Boss.


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  1. Yea Joe, I mean who would have ever thought I would be less valuable than you. Crazy!

  2. Blanton (pulling at the handle of a heavy, high-calorie stout): Hey there, Chase! It’s beer o’clock, am I r—
    Chase (interrupting with a stern look): Nuh-uh, Joe. We talked about this.
    (Blanton, dejected, reaches for the Michelob Ultra handle instead)
    Chase: Attaboy.

  3. what do you think their biggest tip was? Would you even bother tipping? i mean… they are quite financially set, already…

  4. “Remember when we used to be starters?”
    “Who’d a thought we’d open a bar together”

  5. Chase to Blanton: “Now you tilt the glass to the side so the beer pours nicely. See Joe even if we can’t get you in the rotation we can find a spot for you somewhere here.”

  6. “Chase, I know you’re on a strict food regimen, but let me show you the real breakfast of champions. I don’t pitch without three pints in me.”

  7. Joe: What do you think Werth is doing right now?
    Chase: Probably being punched in the groin by Livan Hernandez.
    Joe: Was that stuff true…you know, about Jen and Jason..
    Chase: Haha, no. I started that rumor so I wouldn’t feel so bad fucking his wife.
    Joe: You are so cool.
    Chase: I know, maybe some day you and me can have a catch. Would you like that sport?
    Joe: Oh boy!
    Chase: I’m Kidding. Poor the fucking beer Joe.

  8. i heard a guy on the raido call in and say that utley served him last night. He said the dude in line behind him gave Chase a $2 tip and Utley laughed at him…but kept the money!

  9. Blanton to Utley, “Drink up until you can’t feel that knee pain anymore buddy, it’s a long season.”

  10. Joe “whos next?”
    Cole “I dont know, but theres at least 4 guys ahead of you.”

  11. joe to chase ” if only pat was here , he’d show me how to pour this with less head”
    chase to joe ” if pat was here his head would be under the tap”

  12. Blants: Lucky us we get to pour beers for the “fans”.
    Uts: Yeah man….Madson’s stuck slinging fries behind 107
    Blants: You mean they finally found something for him to do this season?
    Uts: Joe, did you just hear what you said????

  13. Joe: You think you can get me in the rotation?
    Chase: You think you can pour a beer without drinking from it first?
    Joe: You think you’ll be back before the All-Star break?
    Chase: You think if you do a good job tonight, they’ll hire you for the rest of the season?

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