Careful About How You Use “J-Roll”, Jimmy Rollins Has it Trademarked

We know J-Roll™ is a man of many interests. David Montgomery has said as much, indicating that fact might come into play when Rollins goes looking for a new contract this offseason. Recently, J-Roll™ spoke with David Murphy of

He is heading into the final year of a 5-year, $40 million contract. He has carved out a side business purchasing the rights to hip-hop and pop songs. He says he is currently negotiating with representatives for rapper Lupe Fiasco to buy a portion of the single, "The Show Goes On." In February, he attended a Motown tribute at the White House as a guest of Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill.


And perhaps it's those other interests – and marketing savvy – that compelled J-Roll™ to trademark his name. According to, Rollins' trademark request, which was filed on January 17th, 2010, was granted this February.



According to the site, J-Roll™ is owned by Rollins II, James Calvin, and it was first used on September 4th, 2000- two week before his Major League debut on September 17th. It's filed under: Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities. And its primary use is Entertainment services, namely, participation in baseball games and tournaments.

Smart man that Jimmy… ahem J-Roll™. Two cents.

H/T to our friend Caleb Mezzy


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  1. Gotta love a guy who shows good business sense, and Jimmy certainly did here. Bravo to him! Hmm! I wonder if I can trademark “The Philly Flash” so no one else can make money off of it! HA!

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