What an Awful Sports Weekend

Here's an excerpt from my blog on CBSPhilly.com.

Saturday is the early favorite for worst Philly sports day of the year.

Upon waking up, we were treated to news that Chase Utley received a cortisone shot in his knee, an action that firmly cemented his tendinitis as an injury we should worry about.

A few hours later, the Flyers lost (at home) their third game in a row.

Shortly after that, while Villanova was hanging tough in a must win game against Pitt, news broke that Domonic Brown, the biggest wild card for the 2011 Phillies season, broke his hand.

An hour later, Villanova completed their late season collapse, losing to Pitt, 60-50.

Some day.

Read the rest at CBSPhilly.com.

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7 Responses

  1. If they never would have brought that faggot hippy into their locker room maybe they would play like men every now and then

  2. Villanova’s not even trying to make the tournament. The real Philly basketball team right now is Temple. They put up a better fight against (at the time #1) Duke than I’ve seen Nova put up against anyone in their last few games. And Temple lost by 17 to Duke.

  3. Temple is a mans college, thats why. Only a bunch of suburban pussy white kids go to Villanova. They’re OK sometimes, they’re easy to take for some money. My man rico hit one of them up the head with a pipe one time for mouthing off, made that faggot retarded in the head. Faggot don’t go to Villanova no more

  4. Hahahahah. Chicken Little’s loser school always loses. Since it’s expected, how does it contribute to make the “sports weekend” any worser? It don’t rate! But the entry as a whole rates as a D-minus, whiner. Would have been a D-plus if that Gay Phishing Niggly hadn’t chimed-in. Hahahahahahahah.

  5. WOW its deff everyday of the year the worst sports day in PHIlly with one championship in last 27 years. LOSERS

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