Celtics Fan Tells Us (the World in General?) to “Suck It”

No kid, you suck it. Your team lost.

Boston: Providing pale douchiness since 1630.


5 Responses

  1. is this kyle, the sixer hater, jumping on the sixer bandwagon? the same guy who writes all season about how pathetic the sixers are? Yes the pathetic team thats 31-16 in their last 47 games? I think u already missed the bus kyle.

  2. G McMull, damn straight!
    I’d like to tell that Boydercam fella to “suck it” (the proverbial pecker, that is, not my own gigantic johnson).
    I mean, he (or more likely Daddy Boydercam) spent boo-coo bucks on a nice big flat screen, fancy home theater setup, and probably a decent camera to shoot the video. But the cheap bastard couldn’t spring for the $30 for a basic tripod. Shyte, they could have improvised a stable camera mount by just setting it on a table or a chair.
    Amateurs! The shaking alone wanted to make me retch. Just like that BigBrass93 returd who has his videos embedded by Laddie-boy Kyle all the time.

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