Charlie Manuel and Phils Getting Closer on Contract

Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly spoke with Charlie Manuel's agent, Pat Rooney, who was in Florida today to meet with Ruben Amaro: [CSN Philly]

“It was productive,” Rooney told after the session. “We’re getting closer. There was some give and take. Both sides made some movement, but we’re still a little ways away. They know our position so we’ll keep working on it."


By all accounts, the Phils and Manuel are determined to get this resolved by the start of the season. Baby steps today. 

Manuel and his agent are looking for a salary in line with the top five managers in baseball, which would mean around $4 million a year. Charlie has earned that distinction.

Welcome to Tuesday, March 1st, where no news is news.


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  1. Managers get to wear boxers, not jock-straps. Sometimes a little readjustment is necessary with them. Not that Mikey, who’s apparently anatomically incorrect, would know…

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