Just another day in the FLA.

This is what it has come to. We are now celebrating the fact that our all-star second baseman is no longer taking grounders from a chair.

Utley met with reporters today and said he is making "some progress" with the cartilage disaster that is his right knee. Jim Salisbury has more: []

Utley has been examined by multiple doctors, “from New York to California,” one person with knowledge of the situation said. Utley and team medical personnel have researched surgical possibilities and determined that – right now – they are too risky to commit to.

So Utley is treating his condition with a stretching and massage program that he and the team hopes will alleviate the pain and get him back on the field as soon as possible.


That "ASAP" comment means anytime from now to the all-star break. Chase said he has explored a number of surgical options, but none of them guarantee success or his return to the field this season.

At least he's taking ground balls while standing.

More end-of-spring-training news… the rental home of Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria, David Price, and Reid Brignac was broken into on Saturday. Some stuff was stolen, including Longoria's AK-47, which he referred to as a "personal item." A personal item that is capable of killing large quantities of humans in a short period of time. It's now in the hands of a criminal.

Chase video after the jump.