Chase Utley Update, Ruben Signs 4 Year Extension, Cole Using Photos to Enhance Delivery

Amaro_contractI'm great

– Ruben Amaro released a statement today on the "progress" of Chase Utley. The Phillies don't plan on doing this dailyPR! – so here goes: [transcription via Ryan Lawrence of the Daily Times]

"We've done some consultations with some doctors and right now, after consulting with Dr. Cicotti as well, we're comfortable with the progressions we're doing right now. He's actually been able to do some more exercises that he had not been doing before. He showed some progression in some of the exercises. I don't think he's taking ground balls quite yet. Some of the work he's been doing with Scott Sheridan on his rehab — he's done some more things. I don't know if that's necessarily a huge progression, but he's started to take baby steps forward, we hope, and I think he's feeling a little bit better."


So he's maybe, not really, kind of, sort of better.

– Amaro received his 4-year contract extension today. Well earned.

– Cole Hamels would use a personal photographer to help hone his skills. There's video on of photographer Walter Looss, whose photos are being used by "visual learner" Cole Hamels. Looss describes Cole:

He's a very nice man… he's got great stature, height and body. He's a handsome guy. He's personable, a good pitcher. Classic athlete body, long and slender. It's good for a photographer to have someone like that. You need a good subject to start with. He's got all the attributes.


Wow, that's like the "Step 2" description on eHarmony. Watch the video here.

Cole_hamels_photosLong… slender

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6 Responses

  1. Really Matt…that is what you have to add. If you don’t enjoy this site then beat it…

  2. Krikey already!
    I’m less worried about Utley’s health than I am about the Flyers not being able to hold onto a 3-0 lead without f*cking losing it in overtime. And at home on the supposed “Fan Appreciation” night.
    Last night’s loss was more devastating than getting shut-out by the Rangers last week. I’m too pissed to go into it in detail now, but more of the same thing: getting f*cking careless in their own zone leading to opposing team turnovers and then goals. I’d say it is 60% that, 25% Versteeg getting stupid (bad penalty in the 3rd leading to the one-down-to-tie goal, and then a really idiotic turnover in the remaining seconds that led to the tying goal), 15% atrocious officiating, and 5% Bob for not showing up in that 3rd period (other than that Bob stood on his head for the first 2/3rds of regulation).
    They better get their Shyte back together soon, because the shyte-hot Caps are now 1 point behind in the conf and the flippy-floppy Pens are 3 behind in the div.
    F*ck me, Utley will be alright. He’s f*cking Chase Utley, man! But the Flyers can still F8ck it all up like they’ve done plenty of times before.

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