Chase Utley’s Knee Isn’t Improving, and Yes, You Should Be Concerned

Patellar tendinitis… Patellar F%#$in' Tendinitis!

You've obviously heard the quip "no news is good news" before…

…well, that doesn't apply here.

CSN Philly's Jim Salisbury is reporting that Chase Utley's patellar tendinitis hasn't improved since the second baseman began taking it easy last week, according to Phillies GM Ruben Amaro. In fact, here's exactly what Amaro said, or didn't say for that matter:

“He’s the same,” Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Thursday in his first update on Utley’s condition since the weekend.

Better? Worse?

“The same,” Amaro said.

No dissipation of the tendinitis?

“Same,” Amaro said. “Status quo.”

Is that bad news?

“It’s not good news or bad news,” Amaro said. “It’s the same news.”


Super. Just enough material to give the Phillies fan that warm, queasy feeling inside. You can choose, possibly, to find solace in Charlie Manuel's comments on the situation, which put a more positive spin on Utley's pesky patella.

“He’s getting better,” Manuel said. “It’s just a matter of time till we’ll be able to turn him loose more. It’s taking some time but we want to get his condition healed and have him 100 percent when we turn him loose.”


You're more than welcome to play the "who do you believe?" game with this whole thing, but I tend to side with what Rube is telling us. And if you're seeing things from my point of view, the time has come to be concerned.

Utley is still able to take batting practice and do some light fielding drills, but aside from those activities, he's been resting. And resting should result in some type of improvement or healing to the tendinitis… but it's the same. It's the status quo.

We saw Jimmy Rollins go down early last year with the injury bug and Wilson Valdez was there to pick up the pieces. Now we're left to wonder if Valdez will be needed again during the regular season, this time as an insurance policy as second base.

Concern seemed to be a little overblown last week, but with each passing day and no improvement to report (at least in the words of the GM), no news is bad news.


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  1. I’m willing to donate my knee to Chase. In return all I want is a World Series and one of the cheap versions of the Ring.
    Any doctor willing to perform the operation?

  2. eh..there is no need to be overly concerned at this to me when it gets closer to the season starting

  3. With the rumors swirling from what Lopes said last year that this has been bothering him since last spring, you wonder if surgery would have helped in the offseason….and if so, why didn’t he get it? Always a concern when a guy has tendinits the first week of spring training.

  4. nice panic post. i’m not saying his knee isn’t serious but ryan this is overreacting. why would we chose to believe Rube? He’s the one that said Utley’s knee wasnt injured last year.

  5. Fair point, Alex. It’s entirely possible that I’m overreacting. But it’s also entirely possible that I’m not.
    He has had declining years and he’s struggled with injuries in that span. As of right now, the guy can’t run without feeling pain. He has done what is necessary to alleviate said pain and yet, there is seemingly no improvement.
    Now Rube could be wrong and Charlie could be right, but I think it Ruben had optimistic information to share on this front, he would have done so.
    It’s a bit different to deny someone is hurt. Here, he isn’t even denying it. This is also the first time that Utley has been so open about his own ailment, and it’s odd to hear that guy admit to being banged up.
    There are things that are different here than in the past, and that’s why I’m concerned. But like I said, you make a very fair point.

  6. Should have made that bold move in the offseason. Utley for Wright. Wright at 3rd and Polanco at 2nd is sounding a hell of a lot better to me now then it did in December.

  7. thanks ryan. i guess it’s concerning but still we live in an immediate response world. I just wish that we would let the situation play out before we start making 100 people post on here freaking out about Utley.

  8. It’s not too out of the ordinary, especially for someone of his age. It could take 10-14 days, and that still wouldn’t be abnormal. I’ll be worried in late March if it’s still bothering him.

  9. alex- it’s not a freak out a post. it’s concern over utley, who apparently has been bothered by this off and on for a while, and now, again, after very little use on it. huge problem if it lingers.

  10. Rather have him dinged-up now & resting than dinged-up in August.
    I think he’ll be fine. But Charlie needs to schedule him days off during the season. Howard & Jimmy too.

  11. Chase Utley is going to be alright and awesome on opening day. Amaro is BS-ing everyone so that the other teams will be caught unsuspecting on opening day and become complacent. You are panicking, bitches.

  12. Stephen’s right. Tendonitis is more than just your average swelling. It takes some time to go away, but it DOES go away. The only way for a recovery faster than a week or so is to immobilize it, which he can’t do if he wants to practice at any capacity.

  13. Sure seems like the guy is at least half cooked. I love Chase, but with his decline, it is hard not to let steroids at least cross your mind.

  14. Ummm a decline doesn’t automatically mean steriods. It’s actually a pretty normal thing for players in their 30’s. Utley could have a huge bounce back season, who knows?

  15. A decline? Yeah, a little. Playing through pain? Always. Steroids?? Seriously? Come on now, what are you a f*****n Mets fan?!?! Uts is an old-school blue-collar ball player. Let go of the steroid craze, or at least pin it on someone questionable, like Ibanez and his decline.
    And Ryan, dont apologize for anything. Do you fair weather fans really think Uts hasn’t been running and fielding at all in the off season? And don’t you think he is of enough value to the team that they would know of a chronic problem which would require surgery. Please. He gets jacked in the off season because he can, and maybe worked too hard. But when hes competing with J-Roll for stolen bases this year you will all eat your words.

  16. What I just cannot understand is why he is still doing anything. If it’s a fucking problem then rest it…COMPLETELY. Why is he taking BP? What is the fucking point? They are saying that he is limited in what he can do because of it. Let’s just limit the guy completely. At what point does being a “gamer” turn into just flat out being stupid? Rest and get to 100% instead of playing piss poor at 50%. Make sense?

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