Checking in on Our Rivals: Oh Shit, Kids, You Can Meet Mr. Met for $10… and DJ Pauly D Meets Shirtless Alex Ovechkin

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That's right, kids, for the the low low price of $10 (if you're under 12), you can meet Mr. Met, by purchasing tickets in Mr. Met's Landing, or, as we like to call it- the worst two sections in Citi Field. 

Thankfully, you can now be at a safe distance from your Metropolitans when they shit the bed in front of a packed half empty stadium. At some point during the game, Mr. Met will come visit you and your folks, who will have to pay $20 for that privilege (note: four marquee games will cost you and your 'rents $20 and $30, respectively- Mr. Met needs to pay back his creditors, yo).

Meanwhile, in the nation's capital, DJ Pauly D visited with a partially clothed Alex Ovechkin. So, just what does an italian reality TV star DJ have in common with a Russian reality TV star hockey player? Nothing it seems. 

Video after the jump. Sadly, the encounter didn't last long- CABS ARE HERE!

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  1. The NHL playoffs are right around the corner and there have been more posts about the fuckin mets (albeit funny posts) on this blog than about the flyers. What the fuck?!. With everything going on in flyer-world there must be something post-worthy to put up about the flyers.

  2. on it, pete. usually the weekend’s are a bit slow, but otherwise we would have something blasting that performance. don’t worry, flyers stuff will pick up from here on out.

  3. Tytson, more like a shellac and a leaf blower.
    Speaking about Ovechkin, did anybody see that documentary that they play from time to time on NHLN? He was back at his summer home outside of Moscow. Most of the time he was shirtless and had that wet-head look. I guess he loves to show those Russian mob wannabe tattoos.
    But he was also zooming up and down the Russian highway in his customized BMW M6 (I would have pegged him for a Ferrari guy), not only wearing no shirt, but also not wearing his seat-belt, and most importantly, he was videotaping himself and his Russian girlfriend with a hand-held videocam. If I were the Caps Mgmt and I saw that, I’d be reading him the riot act, in the wake of Ben Rutlessbooger and Kellan Slowin getting stupid on bikes.
    PS: I’m almost regretting more Flyers coverage. Nothing to crow about and it’s gonna be gut-wrenching from now and into the playoffs. And it’s not a cathartic thing to discuss, especially with Ovechkin and his crew getting hot, plus the Pens notching more wins than you’d expect since they’re without that guy and his Russian friend with the Gindaloon name.

  4. dj furniture

    Checking in on Our Rivals: Oh Shit, Kids, You Can Meet Mr. Met for $10… and DJ Pauly D Meets Shirtless Alex Ovechkin – Crossing Broad

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