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That's right, kids, for the the low low price of $10 (if you're under 12), you can meet Mr. Met, by purchasing tickets in Mr. Met's Landing, or, as we like to call it- the worst two sections in Citi Field. 

Thankfully, you can now be at a safe distance from your Metropolitans when they shit the bed in front of a packed half empty stadium. At some point during the game, Mr. Met will come visit you and your folks, who will have to pay $20 for that privilege (note: four marquee games will cost you and your 'rents $20 and $30, respectively- Mr. Met needs to pay back his creditors, yo).

Meanwhile, in the nation's capital, DJ Pauly D visited with a partially clothed Alex Ovechkin. So, just what does an italian reality TV star DJ have in common with a Russian reality TV star hockey player? Nothing it seems. 

Video after the jump. Sadly, the encounter didn't last long- CABS ARE HERE!

via Washington Post