Chris Pronger is Hurt

Oh good, he can join Dom Brown and Chase Utley on our growing "oh shit" list.

According to the Flyers beat reporters, Pronger will miss tonight's game with an "upper-body injury." Oh hockey speak.

It most likely stems from the puck he took the the hand a couple of weeks ago, but given the fact he played on Tuesday and is now out of the lineup, it's obviously a bit of a problem.

Can we just wrap all of the Flyers and Phillies in bubble plastic until April? Or at least in something like the club Dom Brown has on his surgically repaired hand?


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8 Responses

  1. I would chalk the Pronger “injury” up to the team resting the older guy for a ding, so everyone is healthy at the end of the season and ready for the playoffs. Didn’t Pronger have the most ice time on the team throughout the playoffs last season? Makes sense to rest him for any minor thing now and not have a Chase Utley situation later.

  2. Terrific. Another untimely injury to an important player. What’s next? A report that Andre Iguodala is banged up? Oh, wait, he plays for the Sixers, and nobody cares about them. Never mind.

  3. Maybe he slugged Leino in the back of his helmet gloveless during his tirade tuesday night?

  4. He probably hurt himself having his hissy-fit after the game the other night:
    I actually think this is good. He’s been looking old and tired since he came back from his last injury last month.
    I almost wonder if he’s really hurt, and if they are sitting him for his outburst while giving him an excuse to save face. Even if he’s a designated leader, he had no reason to bitch about slacking off to the rest of the team, given his shyte performance of late. But that’s just my poor-old hoople-headed opinion.

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