David Akers is Entirely Too Large For His Britches

David_akers_jacketI lift things up and put them down

Sometimes kickers just out kick their coverage. First David Akers declined to sign the transition tag, now he's trying out for the ivory Black Eyed Peas.

Shortly after that screen grab, the camera flashed back to Jim Gardner- he's a Crossing Broad reader.


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  1. where’d you go to high school, kyle?
    i ask ’cause i went to an all-girls school in the area, and saw your tweet earlier about penises.
    not as dirty as it sounds, i swear.

  2. omg you went to Malvern? I went to Villa Maria until I transferred to Strath Haven. I remember Malvern dances back in the day…Haha. Wonder if “M” is a Villa girl, too?

  3. darnell did, you apparently agree, or he is your boy and it’s just funny because it’s funny.

  4. Alright. Enough of all this cunty school reunion talk. Take it to some cunty school reunion site. I don’t bore you with all the details of my reform school days, so don’t bore me with your pathetic lower learning school days. This is supposed to be a f*cking sports blog, bitches.

  5. whoa whoa whoa Iron Balls, Kyle is just trying to pull the ol’ late night sneaky uncle with a sports blog groupie, can’t you see the little game of hide and seek going on here? let the man work.

  6. Kyle, I’m probably old enough to be your mom (if I was a slut in HS and got preggers at 17)
    I’ll contunie the c***y reunion talk just a scootch more to answer your query: VMA lower sch. through ’83; upper school through ’85.
    (Told ya’ I was old!)

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