Depsite Being Injured and Almost 50, Jamie Moyer Signs with…

Jamie Moyer may not be playing baseball, but you'll still see him plenty this season.

After having Tommy John surgery in December, Jamie Moyer announced he would attempt to return to baseball in 2012.

Instead, he will return tomorrow night, just not in the way that we're accustomed to seeing him.

Moyer will join the team on ESPN's Baseball Tonight as an analyst during the 2011 season. I first saw the news on David Murphy's High Cheese blog, where he wrote the following:

The job seems logical for a guy like Moyer. Only problem: once you get him talking about pitching, you find yourself in desperate need of Dave Chappelle's Wrap-it-Up Box.


Nothing like a good laugh, folks.

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4 Responses

  1. Well, I’m happy for Jamie too. I suspect he’ll make for a darn good talking head. Good luck to him!

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