Doc Talks About His Commercial Shoot, Plays Game Against Children

Todd Zolecki spoke to Doc about his 2K Sports commercial with mini-Chooch, which is now in his son's bedroom:

Halladay's co-star is a pillow/doll with Ruiz's picture on it.

"I couldn't get ahold of (Ruiz)," Halladay said. "He's got like six phone numbers. I guess finally through the players' union they got ahold of him. They obviously had to get his OK to do it. They got his approval and went from there."


Chooch has six phone numbers. Boss.

Read the full story at Zo Zone.

Speaking of 2K Sports, here's Doc playing the game with little kids. I'm surprised he didn't cutter them to deah. Bonus nerd giving Halladay pitching advice.

Hop it.


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