Even New York Doesn’t Like The Mets

This pic comes via Bryan Sargent, who wrote these excellent Phantasy Camp pieces for us, from his blog, The Transplanted Fan. Sargent lives in New York and found this little beaut from Manhattan Mini Storage.

The Amazin' Mets, folks.


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  1. Yankees, Knicks, Rangers, Jets, Giants (even though they r both jersey) who’s the sixth team? Only other I can think of is the Mets…

  2. i love newyork for hating the mets and i also hate newyork for having the mets, so its win win for me.

  3. Maybe I’m completely wiped from hours at work, but isn’t this an ad promoting the Mets?
    Saying “why move out of the city that has all these sports teams because you have space and storage issues when you can just store everything in Manhattan at Manhattan Mini storage?”
    Am I reading this wrong?

  4. Islanders aren’t really in the city. The Jets and Giants aren’t either, but the Islanders are pretty far down Long Island.

  5. is montauk considered the city?
    islanders,jets,giants don’t count
    Advertising FAIL

  6. I think they are just referring to the teams that have “New York” in their title. No need to get too technical folks.

  7. but the whole point of the ad is do “not leave the city” it has nothing to do with the title

  8. These are also all over New York Subways, was going to take a picture and send it in last weekend but didn’t want to be that guy on a crowded subway haha.

  9. All yous arguing over the identity of the six teams make me want to vomit. The advertisers could have pulled the number out of their arses and it still would have been funny, because it’s the M*ts.

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