Flip-Floppy Flyers Fall to the Thrashers… Say That Ten Times Fast


I'll tell you something that you know. The Philadelphia Flyers lead the Eastern Conference in points, two points ahead of the red-hot Washington Capitals.

And now I'll tell you something you'll agree with. It certainly doesn't feel like the Flyers are on top.

Depsite overcoming three one-goal deficits, the Flyers fell to the Atlanta Thrashers in a shootout, losing 4-3. The team is 4-4-2 in their last 10 games, which is much less impressive than what fans have been accustomed to this season.

Dave Isaac has more on the loss, and an idea of what facet of the Flyers' game is hurting them the most at this critical point in the season.

Highlights of last night's contest after the jump.

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One Response

  1. Hard to believe that not too long ago, Atlanta was the Flyers’ bitch, signed, sealed and delivered. Now they can’t beat the Thrashers no matter how hard they try. Annoying!

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