Despite losing in a shootout, the Flyers were pretty happy with their effort, as they came back from three goals down to take a 4-3 lead in the third period.

Mike Richards via Twitter (I'm telling you, him being on Twitter is a huge deal):

Tough one, sometimes your deserve to win and don't. That's hockey



“We would like to leave with another point. Everybody gets one hoo-rah in the end. That didn’t happen for us tonight. Saying that, if I would evaluate the game and the way our guys played, that’s about an honest effort we have had in about a month.”


Who doesn't like a hoo-rah in the end?

Both points are true, though. The Flyers played very well in the second half of the game. Is anyone else rooting for a Flyers-Caps series in the Eastern Conference Finals? Every game this year has gone to overtime.

Read Dave Isaac's recap or watch the highlights after the jump. The choice is yours.