Flyers Happy With OT Loss

Despite losing in a shootout, the Flyers were pretty happy with their effort, as they came back from three goals down to take a 4-3 lead in the third period.

Mike Richards via Twitter (I'm telling you, him being on Twitter is a huge deal):

Tough one, sometimes your deserve to win and don't. That's hockey



“We would like to leave with another point. Everybody gets one hoo-rah in the end. That didn’t happen for us tonight. Saying that, if I would evaluate the game and the way our guys played, that’s about an honest effort we have had in about a month.”


Who doesn't like a hoo-rah in the end?

Both points are true, though. The Flyers played very well in the second half of the game. Is anyone else rooting for a Flyers-Caps series in the Eastern Conference Finals? Every game this year has gone to overtime.

Read Dave Isaac's recap or watch the highlights after the jump. The choice is yours.


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  1. I’m glad somebody’s happy, because I’m not. The goaltending last night was positively horrendous and was THE main reason the Flyers came up short. “Bob” was atrocious with those three soft goals he allowed and Brian Boucher was absolutely undressed in the shootout. Sure, the Flyers got a point, but it should’ve been more.

  2. The skaters did enough to win that game, goalies blew it. Still wasn’t a perfect game by the defense, but we need better out of our backstops EVERY night.

  3. Unfortunately I don’t think either goalie is the answer for the playoffs, and it’s too late now to make a move. If we fail in the Stanley Cup, it will be because of our goaltending and nothing else.

  4. i wouldn’t say the goalies blew it. bob was bad, boosh i think did his job but just got burned in the shootout. the goals were really nice. he was caught out of position but that’s just how it happens sometimes. he did enough.

  5. Bobo blew the game, Boosh blew the shootout. That fake shot moved him much too easily. We need longer periods of extra time. Shootouts are a lame way to end games.

  6. I was at the game., Having watched more hockey this year than before and finally seeing it in person again..I stand by my point in Bob is not the answer in net.
    He shouldn’t be up in the NHL, he should be in the AHL, getting accustomed to the game. Leighton should be up splitting time with boosh(who, mind you, is playing better than I would expect, minus getting destroyed in the shootout). The Flyers spend too much time passing trying to be unselfish when sometimes you need to just take the shot and let the guys in front do the dirty work.

  7. Chris, you ding-dong! If Boosh “got burned in the shootout”, then for all intents and purpose he blew the game.
    I’m still baffled by that retarded poke check save attempt. I’m more baffled that he horribly failed at it a second time.
    About Bobs… part of me wants to say he’s just young and didn’t have his composure after coming off an exciting road win. The other part of me wonders if the Flyers can afford his recent lack of consistency from now own, but they sure as hell can’t get consecutive wins from Boucher either.
    One things for sure I’d feel better if they called Erik Gustafsson back up and sat that old fart O’Donnell for the rest of the season. I don’t care if he’s also Irish, that geezer is getting schooled every shift.
    And did anyone see Danny Syvret get ice time? He was recalled last night but has been sent back to the Phantoms today. Sux for him not to get minutes in a game like that.
    And disappointing was the limp double minor PP opportunity they fizzled-out on. They’re trying to act too smart on the PP. They need to start doing in the PP what they did in the last half of the game: Throw the puck at the net and keep chipping away until it goes in.
    One silver lining is that there seems to be magic with Nodl and Versteeg, and Nodl and Giroux. Did they all play on the same line (regular shifts) pretty much for the the whole game? They had 3 of the 4 goals and Nodl had 1G and 1A; and although he didn’t get a point on Versteeg’s goal, he tied-up the Caps d-man so that the shot deflected off the d-man’s skate.
    They got to put this one behind them and focus on

  8. (WTF Happened?! Continuing my previous post:)
    They got to put this one behind them and focus on tomorrow nights battle with the Penguins. And that’ll give them a little more points margin for their lead in the East, although the Caps play the Sens on Fri. Let’s hope the Sens give them a good hard fight.

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