Flyers Inch Closer to Winning Conference

Has anyone checked with their Penguin-fan friends this morning to see if they need assistance?

How about a big ol' 3-0 at the new CONSOL Energy Center this year. Ah yes, it will be a slow day for the steel and bridge industry. With the win, the Flyers only need seven points to clinch the conference.

By beating the Penguins (again), the Flyers notched their 25th road win of the season. That's a franchise record, yo.

Davey I has the grammatical stylings, we have the highlights. You can watch them… after the jump.


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3 Responses

  1. Only the Penguins would take exception to a player on the other team getting crosschecked by Orpik into their net.

  2. I love when Penguins’ fans refer to the Flyers as a dirty team, when they have the likes of Orpik and the currently suspended Matt Cooke. Imagine if a Flyer hit a Penguin into the crossbar, from behind, after a goal was scored…probably a penalty.
    Nevertheless, I’ll take a win, especially vs. the Penguins. This makes up for the 5-1 loss we took at the Well earlier this season.

  3. Going 3-0 in Pittsburgh’s new barn this season was impressive, winning their record 25th road game even moreso. And Bob played well in net, further improving his chances of being the playoff starters. If the Flyers are smart, they’ll get those seven points quickly and wrap up the conference so they can go into the postseason on a roll.

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