Flyers Lose to Leafs

Hey, hockey's back… and the Flyers lost to the awful Maple Leafs.

Plus side? Kris Versteeg has a pretty sweet, I played with Patrick Kane for way too long, goal celebration.

Read Stevie Why's full recap or watch the highlights, after the jump. The choice is yours. Either way, it ends in a 3-2 loss.


3 Responses

  1. The Flyers team I saw when I went to that game last night was not the Flyers team that I know. They didn’t resemble anything close to playoff contenders.

  2. Versteeg and Richards finally developed some sort of cohesion, and Ben Holmstrom is a pretty good penalty killer. Powe, Betts, Holmstrom line next year, pls.

  3. Who was it who said the previous loss was a fluke? ( ) …
    They should have won this. Too many goals as a result of silly turnovers in the D-zone. No sense of urgency to clear the puck out. Even Pronger’s looking tired.
    Let me at them Lavs. I’ll make Herb Brooks look like a cream-puff.
    Actually, I can feel less pissed about this loss. Both goalies made great saves, the game was poorly reffed, and half the team is battling illness. But it doesn’t help that they have a tough schedule now, including back-to-back afternoon games.
    Glad that Versteeg has found his spot in the team now. Welcome to the Flyers, #10.

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