Four Aces on Sports Illustrated Cover

Annnnnd the jinx is in. Thank you, Time Inc.

Amazing how the guy who won a Cy Young award and threw two no-hitters last year is in the second row. That's how you know you're good.

Photo via Philly Sports Daily.

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11 Responses

  1. They had to even out the Roy’s to put it in proportion. Anything else would cause the universe to implode.

  2. Talk about a quintet of supreme badasses looking ready to lay waste to the National League! WHOO!

  3. I love Lee as much as the next guy, and he was the big signing and that’s probably why he’s in the center because he was the storyline, but it’s kind of BS that Halladay isn’t in the front. He’s the unquestioned Ace of the staff in my view and he threw TWO no hitters and won a Cy Young. I know it’s just a magazine cover but I’m picky about little things like that.

  4. I was pretty amused when I realized the two guys in the back are the only two guys with actual WFC hardware.
    Go forth and DOMINATE.

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